My Girls

Why I can’t see my girls.


DCFS Report & Denial of Visitation Click image to open.

Once the girls were taken in 2016 I was able to see them one time which was 4-7-16. I then had court the next day 4-8-16, during that court hearing I sat and listened as DCFS and CPS ignored basically every word that came out of  my mouth and used charges against me that were false in nature to begin with  were later dropped to prevent me from seeing my girls.

I sat there listening to them lie, and even had one woman try to lie to my face and tell me that my girls did not love me and never wanted to see me again. I looked right at her and said, "That's a lie".

Denial of freedom of Speech

My children were lied to and told that it was illegal to talk to me outside of CPS or DCFS presence. They said they were told they could not talk to me online or over the telephone. No contact basically, yet there was not a "NO Contact " order by any judge nor was there an order of protection nor just cause for any no contact order.

My ex-husband who didn't pay his court ordered support causing the situation was able to see the girls on an open visitation schedule and call them whenever he wanted.

I had not been convicted of any crime and had literally done nothing wrong. I was his victim.

However, after the first visit and court appearance I saw how DCFS and CPS took every opportunity that they had to be venomous and to out right lie. I decided at that time and because I knew I was going to be filing a Federal Court Lawsuit against all involved that I had to forgo seeing my children and handle this situation the way that I had been taught. Which meant, I would not get to see my girls again until it was over.

DCFS attempted to use seeing my girls as leverage to force me into participation in their court ordered family therapy. I refused to participate in any "Family Therapy". My daughters were taken because my ex-husband that was abusive & failed to pay court ordered support and then contacted DCFS after the electricity and heat were shut off to the house that I own and is paid for. My home was illegally entered, I was falsely arrested, and unlawfully detained. and my home was unlawfully searched, and myself, my children and dog were unlawfully seized. I was assaulted in my own home thrown in the back of a squad car and made to sit in Lake County Jail where I was treated inhumanely for 21 days.  I was released and later all charges were dropped.

The officers had other options

The officers that entered my residence had other options. They were aware of the abuse that I had sustained and that the children had witnessed. They could of taken us to a nearby warming shelter if the real concern was our safety. But the reality is I was using the wood burning stove which we had used on more than one occasion when the furnace went out. The Amish still use wood-burning stoves to heat their houses and they have children that don't get taken away as a result. The law applies to each of us equally which means if it's okay for the Amish to live that way it's OK for any one of us to choose to live that way which is called "Liberty".

Being poor and living in a house with no utilities because your disabled physically due to illness and having a deadbeat ex-husband who doesn't own up to his responsibilities and then calls DCFS on you and has your kids taken away is not a precursor for the need for Family Counseling or a Psychiatric Evaluation.

I knew I was filing with the Federal Court, I thought that the Federal Court would of taken care of the situation and I would of had my daughters back with me already. Unfortunately, I was wrong and the Federal Court did nothing. What that means is I am going to the Supreme Court.

I had to back away from seeing my girls due to the concern that DCFS would lie and make up stories that were not true but could of been damaging to my case. It was hard to step back for a little while but it will hopefully pay off in the end. Demanding participation in "Family Therapy" or in any "Psych Eval" really is a constitutional violation in the denial of your right to liberty in choosing, coercion in keeping your kids from you unless you comply, and a denial of your fifth amendment right to not incriminate. The last thing that you want to do is to participate in anything involving DCFS or CPS if you have an open case. CPS and DCFS are suing you and they are the opposing party.

It is not your job to prove to them your sane, it is their job as the state to try and prove your insane. It is not your job to help them prove their case against you by submitting to their illegal demands on you. It is your job to use the law and the Constitution to protect yourself as best as possible and keep fighting until you have exhausted all your options. Once you have exhausted all your options you are left with no choice but to take it to the Supreme Court.

Child Abuse and Child Neglect as well as Child Endangerment are prosecutable charges. Which means you can not just loose your children you can loose your freedom and ability to fight for your children.




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