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Before I get deeply into the next part of this blog/book I want to take a second to put into perspective a few things for you the reader and I also need you to understand where I am coming from.

I am a Constitutionalist. What this means is I go by the letter of the constitution. I don’t add my own spin on things, or make things up as I go along just to suit my circumstance. Doing so would be unjust and immoral. The united states constitution is the supreme law of the land. No law can be erected that is not in alignment with the constitution. Any law that is not in alignment with the constitution can be revoked. And any and all persons who suffered damages have the right to sue the government for not ensuring that the laws were legal before they took action against private citizens.

When private citizens find a law or set of laws that are unjust it is our civic duty to bring that to the lawmakers attention. The way you do that is by filing with the Supreme Court asking for what is called a Judicial Review.

In my case, I have two filings I need to draw up one requesting for a Judicial Review of the Chins laws themselves. The other my actual lawsuit which depicts everything that was done to me and the persons and municipalities involved.

If no one ever takes the time and puts in the work needed to do these types of things nothing will ever change. Things will either stay the same or get worse and more and more parents and children will suffer the consequences of that.

It’s a Sacrifice

I have been forced to live without my daughters for over two and a half years. Each day of that has not just a monetary value but it has a sentimental value to it as well. Each day that goes by is a day that belonged to me as their parent that is lost. They will turn eighteen and they will leave the nest so that two and a half years I will never get back. Each day that continues to go by adds on to that time. If I had to be forced to live each of these days alone and miserable as a result I want that time to of meant something to someone. I want that time to account for big changes that will help better the lives of many.

I can’t get the time back, its gone forever; but I can make that time count for something and I believe this is the something I was not just educated to handle but that in some odd way perhaps I am meant to.

That time, each day that goes by is precious to me. I want that time to of been worth something. It is a huge sacrifice to be away from your kids. It takes a lot of courage to fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

My Daughters are my Only Family

The truth is, I am in a way doing it for a selfish reason. My daughters are the only family I have. I don’t have anyone else. I have raised them, taught them, and brought them up to be good little women.

If I do not proceed forward, I teach my daughters that if they are being abused they should stay and continue to be abused or be killed out of fear that what happened to me could happen to them.  I teach them that they have to take the abuse or risk losing their children as a result of them standing up for themselves.

There is more risk involved in not going to the Supreme Court and Fighting then there is in doing it.

I risk that they out of fear become conformists, that they never question anything and go about life blinded out of fear of the repercussions they might face if they take a stand and do the right thing.

I risk that not just my daughters, my my daughters children, and my daughters children’s children, will be subjected to allowing themselves be abused because no one ever taught them differently and showed them what to do if they were being abused.

Worst of all I risk losing the respect of my daughters permanently.

The Facts speak for themselves

The facts of my case are the facts. Every court proceeding has a written transcript and should have the audio tape to match it. The court documents speak for themselves.

A lawsuit was filed in the higher courts that should have stopped the lower courts proceedings until the higher court ruled on the constitutionality issues. The lower courts continued with the proceedings and the same judges that were aware they were being sued continued to rule without reviewing any evidence or reading any filed proceedings on my part. As a result, a huge mistake was made in the use of unlawful courtroom procedures, as well as the ignoring of the facts that my ex-husband caused the situation of my not having utilities at my residence by not paying court mandated child support. He was in arrears over three thousand dollars. Had he paid his support my bills would have been paid. Instead the courts have allowed him to further victimize me, they have victimized me themselves, I have been jailed, illegally sent to a State Hospital for evaluation which was not only done completely illegally but has defamed my character in an attempt to further jeopardize or halt any chance I would have to see my daughters again and the reality is I have been the victim of years of abuse at the hand of those involved in this fiasco and I am tired of being their victim.

The only way to show the girls not to allow themselves to be victims is to show them what it means to be a survivor.

By doing this I will be helping thousands if not millions of Families that are wrongfully targeted by overzealous CPS and DCFS workers by exposing that their intrusion into private lives of citizens equates to tyranny. Tyranny is what sparked the Revolutionary War. Our soldiers fought and died for our freedoms. For the very same freedoms that are outlined in the Constitution which is why it is so very important that we as citizens exorcise our pens and sue when our constitutional rights are violated either by a person or persons or by a set of laws that is not in alignment with the Constitution.

Liberty or the freedom to choose is an extremely important right that is often overlooked. We all take it for granted that we get the right to choose. Liberty applies to all things, we have the right to choose in all matters. Including the right to choose how you heat your home, or what your children are taught. The right to choose to run your house transparently or with transparency the way I do is not “wrong” it may be different but different does not mean wrong.

Most importantly and I think at some point in the road we all forget this but it should not be forgotten. We as parents do not give up our constitutional rights the moment, we become parents. Our constitutional rights stay with us until the day we die. We don’t lose any of our rights simply because we bring a new person into this world. But I think somehow, that is forgotten about especially when CPS or DCFS are involved. We forget that we have rights and that those rights are inalienable.  Meaning they can not be revoked.

Issues regarding equality among the classes is another issue that needs addressing. The sad reality is primarily the poor are targeted and taken advantage of the most by DCFS and CPS. So much emphasis is placed on the aesthetics of  a residence and the numbers on a paycheck stub little else seems to matter. Having a fancy house or a high paying job doesn’t make someone the better parent. Which I suppose is something that is going to be learned though my case.

Other issues will deal with corruption, incompetence, and a total disregard for the law.