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My Mason/ Illuminati Family Heritage Book | From Sweeden to Chicago – Sex-trafficking Wiccan Rites to Passage

It is because of my father David Boettcher that all this has happened to me. He hates me and everything about me and always has. He resents that he had to be my parent even though he did not have to. He has taken his hate out on my daughters and put his JOB before our safty using us as minnows or worms and has lied to people, used them, manipulated them and then wanted to act as though it was all there fault. iT is all there fault each person who participated in the crimes against me and my girls, those who ignore the law and do the right thing in arresting them all including him, and this government that has not only disgusted me and let me down but took ownership over me as if I am a dog. I am a citizen I was naturally born here and should of been given the same rights as every other american regardless of who my family was, how I was brought into this world, weather I was a miracle baby or not, and for any other selfish indigent reasons or causes. ALL OF this has happened BECAUSE OF YOU! I am not grateful, money will not fix me. What you hold as valuable is not what I hold as valuable, I do not care about any of you nor your causes and hope you all rot in hell for what you have done to me not for me. That will never change.

This is my Family Heritage Book, I am sharing this book to prove who I am not that it much matters to anyone other than me.

Here is a copy of my Family Heritage Book, From Sweeden to Chicago. The photos in the back of the book are allegedly photos of mob members from Al Capone Days at least that was what my father stated. There is no information on the backs of the photos themselves.

My great Grandmother Olga Louise Brelsford who was first Olga Sandberg had been allegedly dating or married to Al Capone, that is where little oscar came from he was taken away and poisoned and killed because Al Capone went to jail right after the St. Valentines day massacre. Little Oscar was said to of been kept in a cedar chest I do not remember what else was said other than my father explaining that Ted Breslford had stepped in to take care of my great grandmother in mob fashion as it was not uncommon for men to find a man to look after their wives when they went to jail for crimes. He alleged that Tony Victors and Ed Malik had set me up to be with Corey Haim the same way except that I am sure that is not true as there have been so many accusations that have been made and to detour me from ever wanting to meet him or know him, and vise versa. There are good people in this world that do the right thing. I was told that was what he did and his life has been made a living hell every day since. I understand completely how that feels. I really do. Enjoy the book while it is free as it will be made part of a membership soon.

There are some problems with the book and with the stories that I was told. First of all my great grandmother Olga does not look like anyone else in her family but she does look like me. Additionally, the book says she died the year I was born 1976 however, I knew my great grandmother and lived in the same house with her and she died when I was in third grade and she was very old. My father alleged that grandma B died and there was another woman by the name of Jen who resided with us. The problem is my great grandma kitted hangers for her daughter Jean in California, and she taught me the Swedish words for thank you and your welcome. Also, it appears that Ann Brelsford looks like a younger version of grandma B. Ann Brelsford who is depicted as Ann Lofts was murdered and it was said she suffered a brain tumor however she is listed as Ted Brelsford’s beneficiary for money due to him from his work on the Wabash Rail Road. There may be two Ted Brelsfords, my great grandfather Ted Brelsford and a man who was also a Brelsford that was called Teddy.

My grandmother who is supposed to be alive still would be able to clarify this more for me and others. It may be of some use to understand that almost all of these people if not all were given poison at some stage of their deaths to “hasten the dying process” exhumation and DNA analysis would scientifically prove what has gone on. I have a fogged memory from what was done to me and I have gotten conflicting stories and the dates dont’ match up the way they should.  This is similar to what happens when people gather documents and give them to someone else to type up for them. My grandmother and father did not write the book nor compile it. It was done by a woman who my grandmother gave her documents and photos to and then created it for the family which I think was the daughter of her great aunt Mildred whose last name is Crawford. I remember grandma being angry about the problems with the book and the lack of photos included in it. One time the book was supposed to be updated but it was not. This book was passed on to me and one was supposed to go to my cousin Christina so that we could add on to it our family lineage. I do not know any of these people, I have met a few who were my grandmothers brother’s and sisters a few times when I was young and they came to visit at my grandmothers house in Chicago where I lived with my father in the basement.

My father confessed and alleged to killing or assisting in killing Ted Brelsford, Ann Brelsford Lofts, Mabel Sandberg, Roy Boettcher, Ed Galetka, Doris Grabowski, and Stanley Grabowski. he did so in what he called a death bed confession when he made me head of our personal family and put me in charge of the situation. He alleged that he did not do the right thing when he was young and that I had no choice but to as if he had then nothing would of ever happened to the girls and I.

What my father explained to me is that I am Mason by heritage and that I should not have to go through a initiation process of any kind. I do not need nor should I of been forced to participate in any Wiccan circle which is sex-trafficking and part of why I was sex-trafficked was because I flat out told him he was crazy and refused to participate, I also threatened my own life if anyone even tried it. As a result the alleged Mason’s snuck them in one at a time. Like my father alleged was going to be done to me. He also alleged that I was going to be put into jail three times and put in the psyche ward three times just because I was mason and refused to let go of my children and drop the fact that I had been robbed of everything I ever loved mostly my daughters who need to realize that these people are members of mobs and gangs and I do not believe that those who did this to us are “REAL MASONS” but fake ones who Papa Dave and others dubbed masons.

Further, my father alleged that the older REAL MASONS had no idea what their sons were doing without their knowledge and that was why he forced me to stand so that this kind of thing can be stopped. He also alleged that TRUMP was using me to push his sex-traffic bill because of it as that is exactly what the Wiccan Rites of Passage Ritual is SEX-TRAFFICKING Of young women and girls set up by their parents who accept money for the acts. if you refuse to participate voluntarily they just make you think you are meeting someone new and dating them. Additionally, another reason I was given was so that no man would want to take a chance on being with me if they were going to be in trouble or categorized as a sex-trafficker again making me as undesirable as humanly possible so that no man would want me. Not Corey Haim, no one.

My father ex-husbands and others accepted money in exchange all men were brought to my father and sent to labs and had to take physicals before hand this was all done without me knowing it and under the guise of dating. My father alleged hat all women are whores no matter what they are all whores. I am not a whore, I was a mother and house wife who wanted a replacement which I could of and should of had my life back in 2013 not been passed around like human blow up doll.

My father David Boettcher is PIMP DADDY.

My father had assumed that I would not take a stand and tell what was done as it makes me look unbelievably stupid for falling for the same thing repeatedly. However, my desire to expose him and the others for their barbaric bullshit and how they have used and abused me and tried to take my life while doing so is much greater than my humiliation and embarrassment. Dating is not wrong, being a mother is not wrong,  marrying is not wrong, my father thinks it is wrong but it is not wrong.

He wants me to spend my life focusing on my girls and starting a business after he ruined every chance of that with his insurance multilevel Ponzi scheme where he stole thousands of dollars from people and that is why there are allegedly so many policies out on my name and kids names. No one will ever trust me due to his killings, rapes of me, and destruction of everything.

He thinks I can live without love like Oprah and said why can’t I be alone and independent like her. I have no interest in being Oprah I am me and I believe in marriage and the sanctity of marriage and there has got to be someone out there who I will make happy and will make me happy irregardless of what everyone thinks says or does.

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