My Dad’s Story

How this happened

When my father was a teenager his brother, my uncle John had been drafted into the Army and sent to Texas for boot camp. My dad was roughly around 15 or 16. My father was probably dyslexic and had a hard time in school and he got into a lot of trouble. When he was 16 my grandmother had him drop out of high-school and get a job to help support her. I believe this was after "Pop" or Ed Galetka died, and before she married my grandfather Stan. My dad quit school and worked at Gas City and eventually managed a couple of them. Just about all the money he earned he turned over to grandma to help out with the bills.

As a man he was upset because he felt my grandmother had robbed him of what could of been a completely different life. By having him drop out of school she caused my father to have to get manual labor type jobs. While my father was good with his hands eventually his back and knee's started to give out on him and he found himself a middle aged man with no pension, no annuity, no social security to speak of and nothing to fall back on. Had he been allowed to stay in school and my grandmother put the time into tutoring him the way she had with me his entire life would of been different and that made him angry. He felt as though by my grandmother putting him up to killing and then making him drop out of school she stole his life from him before he ever really had a chance to start one.

My father claimed on many occasion that my grandmother Carol had killed people in our family for life insurance money. Then later when I was a young woman in my twenties he also stated that he had participated in the killing and stated when he was a teenager and that my grandmother had put him up to it. My father stated that he was resentful of my grandmother for putting him up to killing and felt that she had ruined his life as a result. My father was also resentful of my grandmother for pushing him to drop out of high school and get a job to take care of her and because she tutored me and I was able to overcome my dyslexia. My father was upset because my grandmother was to busy working two jobs and chasing money to put the time needed into tutoring him. However, my father can read and write very well and has beautiful penmanship however, he wanted perfection.  While on the phone my father claimed to of ghost written many books and songs.  Since, I heard him sing the songs well before they were created I know he was being honest about it however, at the time that he told me I did not believe him. After recovering memories of talks in the basement and my dad singing to me I knew he was telling me the truth.

Even though my father had remorse and had made derogatory comments many times about killing for money he still did not turn grandma in. My father said that at one time he had considered turning her in but that he could not bring himself to do so. Instead, my grandmothers home became her prison. My grandmother was a shut-in that left the house one time per week to go to the store and to the doctor. She spent her life in ill health and honestly it would not surprise me if she had been being poisoned especially since she was cremated. My grandmother had no quality of life, she literally was a prisoner being tortured by her own body and a prisoner in her own house. My grandmother died a few years back which is when a lot of the gas lighting got worse and when a lot of the abuse of me started.

Since my father couldn't take back what he and grandma had done he instead started working on me to ensure I never did anything like he did. He literally set out to ensure that I was like him in many ways and that I was not like him in many others. He taught me from a young age that money can't buy love or happiness and it can't bring people back from the dead. My dad started working on me about the Constitution in 7th grade even though the test wasn't until near the end of eighth. Then I took the test again in highschool and passed it again as it was a requirement. Around this time my dad started teaching me little bits and pieces of the law. He often mixed history lessons into our conversations and he even taught me survival using some of the stories he told.

My dad has also called me and taught me other things over the phone, like how to tell if you have been poisoned by cyanide. What to do if you think your being poisoned. He went over different types of toxins and poisons including Mustard Seed which was used during one of the wars for genocide. It was also used by my ex-husband in our home where our children resided. He explained that if any animals get sick to pay special attention to it especially if any die. He told me to drink water from the faucet and not from water bottles. What I had not realized at the time was that the problem was actually in the basement with the water filter canister. I believe poison may of been put into that canister at intervals which is what was making me sick. The valve that turns the water on and off for the canister was eaten away by what appears to be some type of acid. The canister itself has been destroyed after I became ill after drinking water from the kitchen faucet. I shut off the valve to the canister and drilled holes in the canister so it could no longer be used in case it was being used to harm me. This also explains why when I was poisoned in 2012 I became sick after eating Raman Noodles that were made for me by Madalynn and why the cat Lucky projectile vomited at me which was part of why I took the children and left the home at the time. Madalynn has not poisoned me nor did she do anything wrong. The problem was the water due to the water canister in the basement not Madalynn or anything she did or did not do.

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