Wisdom comes from all ages, all walks of life. The wisdom that children have is sometimes the wisest because it is untainted by life’s perils. I often listen to my children’s wisdom which is why we have family votes and I run a democratic house. I value their opinion because I realize that sometimes I can be blinded by being to close to a situation and sometimes kids see things for what they are no sugar coating.

Before Makayla was taken from me she walked into the office:

She said, “Every time you pick a flower it hurt’s mother nature”. I asked her where did you learn such a wise thing? She replied, I just know it.   I understood exactly what she meant.  Here are some quotes that I lifted off Makayla’s Facebook. These quotes are her’s and she owns them in their entirety. I ask you, does this seem like a neglected home-schooled child? OR Does this seem like a child with a very positive outlook and large vocabulary.  I am proud of Makayla, as I am proud of all my daughters. I posted these because I want the world to see that wisdom comes in all sizes which is why while most adult’s won’t agree legally, kid’s have rights too.