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Edward Malik

From what I understand and from what my father had told me Edward Malik had already killed before I had met him. My father alleged that he had killed four people by the time I had my daughters. Edward Malik had confessed to killing to me when we were living at the condo in Chicago Ridge. I did not believe him at the time but because he had also been the first one at the fire here in Lake Station which killed Jennifer Teel the night of the Lake Station Firemen’s Christmas Ball and because he had EMT training, Pyrotechnic’s training and Fireman Training as well as all of the fire videos that he has taken and him coming up to me in my basement saying that a babies head was stuck in a wall somewhere I have no choice but to believe and accept it. Additionally, I have been subjected to years of abuse inflicted on me by him and that abuse has destroyed my health and left me with permanent life long injuries including Brain Damage, a busted pinkie on my left hand, a depressed scapula with complete atrophy on my left arm, and two slipped disks in my neck one of which is 1 mm away from my spinal column.

ED Malik Had Ties with Beth Durkiewicz – Anthony Victors 

Dating back to High School

He also had dated Beth Durkiewicz and they attended a dance or prom together. Beth Durkiewicz was at one time my best friend and she and I had spent just about every day together for about 5 years until she and Anthony Victors “cheated” on me when I was 15 16 years old. I met Beth and Terra in 5th grade I was ten. Terra Shirley, Beth Durkiewicz, and Susan Kowalski and I were all friends as was Colleen Coffee. I lost touch with all of them except for Terra Shirley and Susan Kowalski around the time that I started to date Tony Victors. We all went to different high-schools and Beth had eventually attended Stagg but we were not friends and did not speak at all during that time because of what she did with Tony. Beth was jealous because when we would go out the boys would like me and not her. That included guys she liked it did not matter to her if I did not like them back she was just jealous. I also believe Ed Malik had ties with Mae Hoskins of Lake Station and who may be related to Julie Hoskins an ex-girlfriend of Anthony Victors that was a bully that I stood up to in front of everyone several times.  Pat Ohara alleged that he thought he knew my Ex and that he thought he had rented out the small house that used to be Mae Hoskins residence and appears to be a cottage house to his residence on Decalb in Lake Station.

Tony had dated Julie Hoskins in 7th or 8th grade along with Michelle Rey. Tony went to Conrad Jr. High in Palos Hills, and I had transferred to Stagg my sophomore year the week of homecoming. Tony had gone to Brother Rice his freshmen year and played soccer there with Billy Savarino who went on to play soccer professionally, Tony had been groomed by his parents to be a soccer star but he threw it all away and got kicked out of Brother Rice for drug use. His parents liked me because I would not be with him if he was getting high and made him quit doing drugs in order to be with me. Ed and Tony became friends during this time.

I Started to Study Business around age 17

I started studying business mostly mail order and direct sales when I was 17 on my own and in secret. I also read Napolian Hill’s think and grow rich and had used self help books and audios to try and combat anxiety. I had been taught much of what I know by talks with my dad watching him run his door and window business and by reading books and articles online. I learned by doing. Tony used to put me down all the time and tried to undermine everything I ever did telling me it was a pipe dream and that it was never going to happen. My father did as well which is part of why I left him. He saw one tree and I saw a forest, I decided that we just grew up and grew apart and it was time to start thinking about going off on my own. The fetish, the cheating, constant lying, nudity magazines, and abuse both physical and mental was undeniable and our maturity levels were just so different it was just not fixable. Tony, Ed, Wesley, Lenny, Ray Yagloski, my father, Terra and Eric Montenegro, and Cathy Boettcher as well as Robert Boettcher and my neighbors and others who are facing huge charges of murder, and conspiracy and now attempted murder by way of forced or pushed suicide have purposefully prevented me from being able to start a business by hacking, ruining any chances I have before I hit the ground or launch. I had a great deal of trouble with GoDaddy which my father alleged was a company that he owned and would be mine someday. GoDaddy and Host Gator they provide white label services to other hosting company’s all over the web. This seems to be an monopoly and it is difficult to find hosting which is not a part of their corporation. I am constantly having problems and if I do end up owning that company a lot of people are going to lose their jobs due to the games that have been played and the extremely poor service that they provide customers in all areas.

I have tried repeatedly and have a file box full of dead broken hard drives, have had my servers hacked, and have done everything in my power to stop them but to no avail I have not bee able to they have even hacked this website and made it so I am unable to change the front page. It took me a while to figure out what was going on but I was told that this was being done to me so that i would not be able to earn so I could not get away. I also was told that every job I ever had or tried to get was also sabotaged by these people and their co-horts all of which called me a gold digger and all of which have done everything in their power to prevent me from earning and have even pushed me to live in my house disabled with no power, no gas, no water, no car, no food, no way to get food, and no one to ask for help out of fear of being called a gold digger or being refused help which is part of the racketeering. My father also alleged that persons in the LSPD who were ED’s friends had been helping to delay the inevitable, and he had persons working at Comcast and Frontier who slowed my internet down from 7 GB to 3Gb without any real justifiable reason so I could not get much work done.

Where Ed has worked and BLACKBALLING

Ed worked at Comcast as a salesman and he may of had friends that work for Frontier the internet providers for Lake Station. He also worked for Sprint, the company that owns Boost Mobile and Verizon the company that owns the Cellphone Towers. He also worked for Nipsco the company that handles the electricity and gas, and he has friends in Lake Station that work city in the Water Department. I have been constantly over charged, had services cut off early, and had to pay extremely high re-connection fees including having to pay an 100 fee which caused me to loose all my jewelry to the pawnshop which included a very special ring my father gave to me for graduating 8th grade and that he had made for me. And earrings that were given to me by my grandmother after my grandpa Stan away. my dad said I had to give up my gold calling me a gold digger, and saying I was representing the poor and therefore could not wear any and did not deserve it anyway. He also said he was going to abuse me more than he had as he felt I did not appear to be abused enough to him to present the story to the people. This past week my silver earrings were stolen from me while I was asleep by my neighbor or someone else that broke into the house. First one was taken then the other was taken from my trinket container that I keep int he bag. Also missing is my moon and star necklace from piercing pagoda that was purchased to wear with my suit. Things are constantly stolen and taken from me.

I had to quit my job at Live Ops after being harassed on telephone calls

& not getting enough time slots and perverted calls being routed to me.

I was a 5 star Salesperson

Wes Victors has also played a huge part in this causing me to quit my job at live ops a company for which he worked and may own and was an online call center platform. He also has friends at google as he was a higher up in Lucent Technologies and has used his friendships to cause me to have bad rankings not get ranked at all and has also had ads taken out on Youtube which depicted my dog Bentley that I had to get rid of because he was sick. The ad implied that I was going to get Bentley back somehow which really hurt me deeply because I am aware that is not true.

This is corporate espionage, racketeering, goes against free enterprise, and is cyber stalking, and hacking all serious federal crimes under the RICO act, and if police are involved which I will find out for sure if they are severe criminal corruption.

First Time I Met Ed was with Tony

They were friends and went to school at Brother Rice Together.

The first time I ever met Ed he was a waiter for Tony and I at the Les Brothers Restaurant on 87th ave. He was introduced to me as Tony’s friend, everywhere we went Tony seemed to know someone so I did not think much of it.  I married Anthony Victors in 12/1995  and had my first daughter Madalynn Marie Victors in 1996. I then had Alyssa Jean Victors in 11/1999. I divorced him for mental cruelty and abuse in 11/2000. I was being poisoned severely and Tony had a nylon and amputee fetish that I had tried to deal with, he had also quit his job the day before i was supposed to start college at Robert Morris in an effort to keep me from going he thought I would get a job instead. Instead I went to the law library of the courthouse and got a copy of divorce papers and began typing them up. It was not a decision I took lightly as I had given my word in church but had to decide that if there was a god and he could see what was going on he would not blame me. I made the child support as little as possible and gave him access to the kids half the week to get him to sign. I also made him read the papers before he signed them out loud so that I knew that he was aware of what they stated. Once he signed I had no choice but to take them in and file them. I got myself into that mess and I had to get myself out.

I Divorced Anthony  Victors in 2000

I did not tell anyone not even my father what had been going on. I just handled it myself until it was over and then I told them. Tony’s behavior became erratic and he became a loose cannon, he changed from a stoner dude that listened to slayer into a thug and gang banger. He became someone else completely. After the divorce tony contacted me and told me that I will always be his wife. I was already with Ed at the time. Tony was pretty much homeless and no one would help him because he started doing and selling hard core drugs. I could not let him see the kids because of what he did in running to mexico and he was a flight risk. I got the detective that was on that case and we went to the courthouse and I obtained a order of protection for two years. When the order of protection was expired he contacted me for fathers day and asked to see the kids. I asked Maddie if she wanted to see him and she said no, she said Ed had been the one doing the work and it was his day. Maddie wanted Ed to adopt her and she often asked about the adoption. The adoption did not happen until I was nearly about to have Makayla in 2006 a week before, I was given a 75% chance of dyeng during birth and did not want Tony to take my girls and split them up. As far as I know, I have two children with Tony Victors and two children with Ed Malik.

Tony broke Maddies heart when he left her, there is nothing sadder than a depressed  5  year old. Tony family and I tried to create a support network for the kids and they were supportive of me as well, everything stayed the same except with out Tony. When i met Ed they welcomed him into the family and we just lived. It was not normal not the way things usually are but I was lied to and deceived by everything as I had been apart of their family for 15 years called Tony’s parents mom and dad and his aunts and uncles the same. What they have done to me is beyond deplorable and there is no excuse for it. I was not loved, I lived a lie, my life was stolen by them all, they ruined my life for greed. They all had knowledge of what was going on and in my presence Wesley Victors stated that his family had done something that he was not happy about and that he had a decision to make and some thinking to do. Not much later he was dead.


I also told on his drug dealer/ partner Scott and I had gotten a threatening call from him about snitching where they alleged they were going to destroy my life for being a snitch. Not to much longer I met Ed. Ed and Tony were friends in high school and Tony said Ed liked to do Acid. Tony was dealing acid made of poison mixed with Vodka. Additionally, tony told me my grandmother had put a hit out on me and he also alleged that he was going to get his buddy in the mob after me and I laughed at both threats, Ed is Tony’s buddy from the mob that he got after me, stole my life from me, nearly killed me, had me raped, allegedly raped me himself and has stolen everything from me and is not trying to steal my freedom so he can keep his and in the process getting many many people into major trouble so he can get away with poisoning me and taking my life from me the entire time. I was told by my father that I was supposed to of been with Corey Haim and that Ed had Stolen me. Ed had killed three different hamsters that belonged to him, and he also bought me a mechanical toy that was a hamster with nun-chucks that sang ” KungFu fighting”.  Ed also alleged that he had been to Canada and that he had purchased 40 acres of land in Thunder Bay.


David Boettcher, Sue Kowalski , & Anthony Victors set me up with Steven Penaloza in

When I divorced Tony I started to date Steven Penaloza and he had been a friend of Susan Kowalski’s. Steve was very abusive and he stole 1200.00 from me that was supposed to be to get an apartment for myself and the girls. I ended up going to Wes Victors and asking for his help so that i could get a place for the girls and I to live. Wes gave me 1800.00 to pay for an apartment and told me to stay on the North Side of Chicago and not to tell anyone where I was. He wanted me to check in periodically with “Mom” Barbra victors but told me to even give my address to either of them as Tony had made threats on my life and Wes had real concerns that his son was going to try and make good on those threats. When I was with Steve he drank all the time, exploded in fits of rage often and for no real reason and I found myself thinking I had jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire. I ended up loosing everything I owned and that the kids owned what little bits of junk furniture I had were left behind as i had no choice but to leave them behind. I left Steve with the girls our clothing and my bed. I rented a moving van with my dads credit card and my two brothers Jordan and Robert helped me to load it. Steve called me a hillbilly so I pushed the full size mattress down the stairs while yelling yeeha’.

After I left he tried to keep my TV and microwave and my cousin Chris called me and told me something was wrong with an apartment that he had went to get and tried to put my name on but I didn’t really want to go live with him in. I drove to the Northside to tell him something was wrong with the apartment and when I got there I found signs of him being with a 17 year old girl that he had stood up in a wedding with. He was 35 years old at the time and I was 24 which I thought was a huge gap in age. When I saw that I decided that the man was a pedophile and told him to put my TV and Microwave in the car or I was going to call the cops and report him for pedophilia. The girl was not on the premises.

When living on the Northside I had to contact the Chicago Police due to Steve’s erratic behavior that was the day I got my brothers and the moving van and left. He was asked to leave the apartment and went to stay at his ex-girlfriend Marcy’s house which he had still been having a relationship when I figured it out I called her and told her that I held no ill will tword her but that if he said he had not been he was lying.

The Attempted Kidnapping of me in 2013 By Steven Penaloza

In 2013 when I went to divorce Ed Malik Steve contacted me through Facebook he asked to see me and the girls saying he wanted to see how they had grown. He came to my house and I told him about being poisoned by ed. during the visit he tried to drive away with me in the car and I bailed out on him. He was kidnapping me the way that my father had taught me to look out for. Since the scenario had been gone over with me so many times I knew what he was up to when he was doing it and when he stopped at the stop light I jumped out of the car and ran home.

I told LSPD detective Williams what had happened but nothing was done about it.  when Ed came home from work that night he looked disappointed to see that I was still there. His body language and facial expressions showed his disappointment. I told him what had happened and he did not care either. On Facebook Steve contacted me and made discriminatory remarks about me being a witch made false statements that made no sense and said hat he was going to do everything in his power to assist ed in taking the girls from me. He has also attacked me on YouTube calling me crazy and saying I look like a nutcase. He told me the next time that I jumped out of a moving car to be sure I did it in traffic.

When he was yelling at me in the car and trying to kidnap me he said something about Alyssa getting raped. I did not catch it completely as I was paying attention to what he was doing more than what was said as that is what is done in a kidnapping situation the person yells at you while starting the car and continues to yell at you while they drive away in it. The moment I saw him start the car and put it into gear I began to focus in on his movements and not on his words.

My father trained me in this exact scenario and it was gone over several times which is how I know my father is behind it as is Ed Malik.  I had already gone to the police after the 2012 poisoning of me which my father had instructed me NOT to do. I went against him and while I did not implicate him he had crimes that he had done in his past including that incident and was infuriated with me for telling as he is trying to stay out of jail as long as possible and if that means I have to die or go to jail instead he is willing to do that.


2000 I Met and Dated John Sylvester Jr. After my Divorce in 2000




I went to Robert Morris College in Orland Park Il.


When I left Tony I had to take a leave of absence from school at Robert Morris, I returned after I met Ed. I also started my business USA BABY News which they infiltrated, hacked, and destroyed as well. I graduated with an Associates in Applied Science in Graphic Arts with a Graphic Design Concentration I earned a scholarship to pay for half my bachelors degree which covered my junior year, I made deans list and presidents award for my grades I worked very hard and had a 3.75 when I graduated.

I learned web and server administration on my own by starting and running my business. My core classes were art and design and it was a professional school where you were expected to dress appropriately for business.  I had classes in Sociology, Philosophy, and psychology as well as Political Science and English with 1 math class. I have used things that I learned as an artist and through life as well as what i was taught by my father to make my way though this ordeal and it has been very difficult. Being an artist was my dream I had 23 art classes when I went to Stagg High school in Palos Hills Il. My father paid over 300 in tuition for my senior year as I spent the entire day in art and had only English and gym as core classes.

Ed Malik Robbed me of the past 18 years of my life and nearly killed me and the kids in the process.

When I met Ed in 2001 Ed had said he knew Tony and asked me why I had been his wife as if he did not like him at all. He alleged he did not when I told Tony about him he said he was a good guy and called him a dork who collected baseball cards. I took it as they disliked each other.  The fact is Tony sent Ed into the restaurant where i was working with the intentions of getting Ed to finish the job of poisoning that Tony had already started I had gotten away from Tony and there was no way to make me stay with him because I had gotten an order of protection against him for robbing a woman in our building and running off to mexico where I was told by tony prior to that he was going to do a drug run to purchase pills and bring them into the states to resell on the streets. Tony had become someone else and his behavior was completely erratic I had thought that i broke him by leaving but the reality is you can’t stop someone from doing and selling drugs if that is what they want to do. I had to do what was best for the girls and I which is what I did. I had two daughters and I decided it was him or me and I choose me and them. I had snitched on Tony when he went to Mexico and had told them that he had alleged that he had killed a man and that I saw the coroner in the sewer at Resurrection Cemetery. Tony had told me that he Chuck and Rich had come across a homeless man and killed him just to see what it would feel like.


Injuries Given to Me by Edward Malik

These injuries were all results of arguments which resulted in explosions that were unbelievable, he has also chased me out of the house with the gun firing it from behind me while I had my back to him at the front fence, beaten me with a bedroom door resulting in my shoulder damage, and strangled me at least four times that I can remember but my father alleged that it was six. He threw bananas at my stomach in a hard and angry manner when I was pregnant with my my youngest daughter Makayla. He had tackled me to the floor at the house in Lyons Il because I became angry due to him looking at porn while I was also pregnant with her.  I also believe he may of given me a herb called Vervain to induce a spontaneous miscarriage which I nearly lost her as a result of.

Due to the experiences and through living though this ordeal I believe that Edward Malik had poisoned me with the following substances and there may be more that I am not aware of but will be made aware of at a later date: Arsenic, Home Made Cyanide which his mother alleged she made herself and kept in the pull-barn on her property in Monee Il., and Bromethalin, other similar type poisons containing anticoagulant  properties, and strychnine. I believe I was also poisoned with pesticides including diamatatious earth, and antifreeze which caused me a three hour long seizure and that I believe had been being given to my pets including my dog Shadow who was epileptic after Ed had punched her in the head hard while she was a puppy. Ed had also punched me in the back of the bed multiple times 7-10 times giving me a permanent lump and causing me to have a severe splitting headache for two weeks and that was when my neck became injured.

I was told that the use of aresol cans had been used in an attempt to confuse me damage my brain and make my memories fade as well as to lower my IQ because I posses a very high one it was also done to cause respiratory distress and kill me. Further, other lung irritants were introduced into my environment purposefully by way of Ed’s cats and the use of cat urine to set off my asthma all of my inhalers that I would come across when I needed them would often times be found completely empty causing me to have to use my breathing machine which makes me sick and upset my children.  Additionally, many times i would wake up gasping for air and not know what was going on or why that was. David Boettcher alleged that Edward Malik had been holding his hands over my face and nose while I was asleep to suffocate me.

Also a herb called Wolves Bane was also used. I may of been poisoned with Belladonna and my father alleged that Ed had used Ether to make me forget one of the telephone calls that I had with him. I hung up the phone and Ed came up to me with a rag and covered my face with it. My father stated that Ed raped me at that time, he also alleged that I died in the process but then began to breath again. I do not recall the content of that conversation but I do recall Ed walking into the room and putting a rag over my face and that is all.

David Boettcher alleged that Edward Malik had been raping other women by pushing himself on them and using either on my daughters while they were in his care. He later changed his story and alleged that Alyssa had been viciously raped by Ed and that she had become pregnant without knowing for quite awhile resulting in the birth of the alleged grandchild that both he and my father had stated was born and taken from her brought over state lines and hidden in the town of Lake Station. The babies name was Bryson, and this was done to assist Edward Malik and all those involved in getting away with their crimes and kidnapping of my children. As a result illegal charges were brought against me for “false reporting” in an effort to silence me and keep me from reporting what I was told by my father as the allegations he had made were allegedly also ignored by officials and they were aware that they had broken the law and were going to be facing a similar type of lawsuit that was filed here in the state of Indiana. My daughter Alyssa had been present and Edward Malik had confessed to nearly poking me in the leg with a needle and stated that “we all do things we wish we could take back but can’t. like what I did to mommy with the needle”. Alyssa had also seen the bucket of poison in the basement that had gone missing and she also had told doctors while at Northlake about the poisoning and the hateful things that were said to her by Mr. Malik which she alleged led to her cutting herself and self harming behavior.

I had found evidence in my residence of Edward Malik huffing and I have seen the result of the huffing in that he used to be able to do mental math at the store and was no longer able to, he had excellence English skills and had gone through 12 years of parochial school including Brother Rice High school in Il he was also not a stupid man and had been accepted to Brown College. You can no longer get him to write anything, and he had assisted me in obtaining my degree in that when I went to college he had helped me proof read and correct my grammar and English so I could pass my English course.

Edward Malik was the one putting poison into the water canister and he was also poisoning himself along with me and the children I caught on to what he was poisoning us with when I noticed he was craving spinich and eating it all the time. I looked to see what vitamin was found in spinach that he might be craving and found that it was probably vitamin K. I then looked up the different poisons to see what Vitamin K would be used to treat as an antidote and I found that it was Cyanide. In order to stay alive I purchased Vitamin K tablets from the health food store and started to take them and give them to the kids if I thought it was necessary. Except since I thought he was only trying to harm me and kill me and wanted to do so to obtain custody of the kids I did not think he would harm them.  Also, he was killing me by having sex with me after he ingested the poison into himself. I believe that some of the men that sex-trafficked me had done the same including Dan Sikorski, Jason Smith and possibly Gregory Smith.

Additionally, I found aerosol  cans with thumb dents in the top of them and often times would pick up cans that should of had been able to spray out as they felt heavy but there was no air left in the can to spray out. I would clean and check the nozzles if necessary but they were empty. I found six different containers of PVC cement all over the basement and I took them and hid them in a cubby under lock and key. One day they went missing completely the same way other evidence has gone missing and Edward Malik left a paper bag on the floor of that cubby which my father stated had been used as a cell for murders that he and Edward Malik and others had committed in my home before we purchased the house.

During the time that I had been poisoned Edward Malik and I were having intercourse and I began to have a seizure which I never had seizures before that time. Edward Malik got a seriously evil look on his face and began to be rougher and faster trying to give me a heart attack, because I was seizing I was not able to stop him or do anything. When I said something about it he said he just thought the sex was that good.

David Boettcher had alleged that he had told Edward Malik to huff to make himself forget the bad things that he had done. He had alleged that he had done so himself and that would help him to keep a clean conscious and assist in helping him to be believable if questioned and if asked to take a polygraph test. He also alleged that other people who had killed had done the same and that he himself had as well. He told these people what to do and then how to hide what they did including telling them to drink, do drugs, and huff in order to forget the bad things that they had done. He used their guilt and the bad things that they had done in the past over their heads to black mail and control them and he told them he would only tell if and when they got caught but assured them that he would never allow that to occur and that it would not as long as they listened to him and followed his instructions to a “T”.

2005 I was inseminated without knowing it by Edward Malik “slimmed”

During one of the calls I had with my father he had reminded me of a time at the Condo in Chicago Ridge I had woken up and gotten Mackenzie from her crib because she was crying. I got up out of bed and realized that my woman area was freezing cold and went to the bathroom and found what was semen. I believe I said out loud “what the fuck happened to me?”.

David Boettcher alleged that Ed had passed me out somehow used a baby dropper and tried or did artificially inseminate me with sperm. He alleged that the sperm had been stolen by a woman that had engaged in oral sex with Corey Haim and he also alleged that Makayla was the result of that insemination.  I was wearing extremely short shorts, and I was there when I thought the baby was conceived and the dates that I had been given matched up with that information however, it should be known what was done to me. While I was asleep I was dreaming about what was being done to me. Ed used smelling salt probably from his EMT kit to wake me up.

My father alleged during one call that the sperm had been taken out of a lab where Corey Haim had banked his sperm, during another call he alleged that a woman had engaged in oral intercourse with him and spit it out and gave it to Ed or his parents somehow. The sperm was allegedly kept in Ed’s parents freezer and then picked up by Ed who transferred it to our freezer. Cathy Boettcher gave Ed the either that she had gotten from my aunt Dora Jasmer who worked at a vets her whole life called Hilltop Animal Hospital. My father alleged that my cousin Christina had dated Haim and I remember my uncle john talking about him and Chris in the kitchen of my grandmothers house. Chris mom Deborah Boettcher was originally Deborah Lucuseski but the name was shorted to Lucas and she is allegedly related to George Lucas from Lucus Films. I was told that Haim did not like Chris and had showed interest in me instead. while Chris and I are the same age only 3 months apart, she is an attorney or a legal secretary and I am an artist we are nothing like each other in that my father alleged that she had slept with Ed, and she is behind the false prosecution of me as part of my families political activism and familial masonic work that I want no part of did not agree to do and have been forced to do by them because they fail to see the value in me or my love of art. The last time I saw Chris was at the Condo and well before she was even engaged to her husband. We stopped speaking to each other because I felt that I was being used when she demanded that my kids were going to be in her wedding but said I was not because I did not fit in with her friends. She is a snob that way when invited I refused to attend and was angry with my father and grandmother because when i got married I had to beg them to attend but Chris putts on a 20,000 wedding and they could not wait to go. My father alleged that Chris worked in the system ether here in Indiana or in Illinois and that she had helped to set me up to make me sue eating up more of my life and my time keeping me from getting my kids back and herslef for being prosecuted for the parts that she and my uncle john played in what has happened to me for life insurance. My father alleged that both Chirs and my uncle John had purchased life insurance policies and knew they were caught. Additionally, Chrissy has ties with Anthony Victors in that she was friends with Katie Langner’s stepbrother who went to Andrew Highschool in Crestwood Il. where Chris went she attended fox college a school that offers diplomas for secretaries. I obtained a degree from a private college in a field which I love and was born to do not law.

Anthony Victors dated Katie Langner who also went to Stagg high-school and tried to kill herself and was kept out for many years as she left sophomore year and returned briefly senior year. She and Tony had been together for awhile until they broke up and she threatened to kill herself when he did not see her at school he went and told a counselor and they went to her house and found her there. She was kept out of school for many years. The things that were said about Katie and her stepbrother by both Tony and Chrissy should not be repeated they were that bad. My father alleged that Chris had attempted to fill Corey’s head up with lies about me and the kids but that he did an investigation of his own and found out the truth. Time will tell.

My father alleged that Chris was using me to push her agenda and that she did not want to give up her job, her kids, and her hair and nails and have them destroyed in jail or living the way that they have forced to make me live.  There was also a lot of jealousy that stemmed from my dating John Sylvester Jr. when I divorced Anthony Victors. John was Chrissy’s best friend Kathleen’s older brother and they had started to see each other except Chris was also dating Marc the man she married. John did not like sharing and he and i got along so we began to date.  Chris was unhappy as was my aunt Debby who came to my house on Christmas and tore into me for “stealing Chrissy’s friend”. I think that was the last time I saw or spoke to my aunt Debbie and that was 2001.

My father told me that if Chrissy said she dated Haim or had been with him to ask her to show me a picture because it was not true. According to my father my aunt Debby staged her death in 2015 right before my girls were taken she fled the country and went to Canada and is living under the name of Debora Lucus. When I married tony my aunt came up to me and hugged me and gave me a kiss and said “Anna you have no idea how smart you are don’t ever let anyone use you okay”. I love you and I believe she does. She is part of “Nobody loves me”. The no bodies are the ones that love me except for a few and one in particular that is Wesley Victors he is trying to get away with attempted rape.

Part of the trust account is from stories told by my dad to George Lucus and much of Star wars was based on those stories the trust consists of money from royalties from those stories and the collectibles sold as well as the depiction of our relationship in other movies like Juno. My father alleged that this made my cousin Chrissy very jealous and my family was against me being with Haim due to his lifestyle they had said so many things that I simply do not believe including this the problem is I was slimmed and I do not know who’s sperm it was. this entire situation has left me very uneasy and uncomfortable, I find it extremely disturbing and weighs on my mind heavy as I am concerned for Makayla’s safty and I want these people arrested immediately and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

My father alleged that during a blood draw that happened at North Shore here in Lake Station her DNA had been taken for analysis and that she was Corey Haims daughter and not Ed Malik. My father also alleged that this had been done to me several times in that hospital staff had taken blood samples from me to ensure I did not have HIV or AIDS which I do not have and was vaccinated for and to find out if I had or had not been being poisoned. My father allegd that it was the Masons who had done this, and that they were aware that I was being poisoned yet did very little and next to nothing to put a stop to it other than taking my kids from me and leaving me to die in the house.

My father allegd that he had been behind the allegations that Haim had HIV/ AIDS and that false test results had been given to him. He had done this to make Haim “take himself off the market” and that Haim had to go to Canada to be retested and found out that he had been given a false positive result. Additionally, my father alleged that this was going to be done to me and that he had put out a hit on Corey’s life. He also alleged that stars had insurance polices taken out on Haims life and my life and that he had been being poisoned by his friends and family the same way I was poisoned by mine. He alleged that Haim had to go though the same types of scenarios in dealing with the harassment, difficulty finding work, and defamation of character and false light the same way as I and he even stated that Haim had been locked up in jail and kept isolated and had his appearance attacked even by way of prednisone the same way as I had.

My father alleged that Corey Feldmen was one of the main perpetrators of poisoning Corey and making him look bad on the show that had been put out The Two Corey’s in which my father Alleged was meant to be a tool to try and wake me up and make me believe that Haim had interest in me. the producer of the show has the last name Carlson which my father alleged was related to Ester Carlson a person named as family in my family Heritage Book. Corey was made to look very bad in that show and some of the things said were taken out of context by both myself as well as by others who passed judgement without knowing what he was really trying to tell me which was that Ed had an affair with Jackie and that was what the reference to “knee pads” really was. Ed had given Jackie a pair of his knee pads when she had a date to go on which was his way of calling her a whore. He also took photos of he and Jackie together and sent them into a porn magazine.

My faather alleged that he had been behind Ed Malik being given a fake set of ex-rays that showed that he had lung cancer in 2005. The ex-rays were given to him during a episode of phenomena that he had when he was taken to Palos Hospital which may be the same hospital in which my eggs were stolen and my vital organs may of been taken out during my hernia surgery. The ex-rays have superimposed images of a man and his dog, Shirley temple, and the face mask from scream in them. This was done to get Ed to let go of me and the girls because he was made to believe he had lung cancer but the ex-rays were completely fake. I found the ex-rays at my house and my father was not lieing the images are in them. I damaged them on accident trying to see it better by the light but the images themselves are still in the ex-rays the name is part of the developed film not a printed on label. Once while watching a movie at the condo about someone who had cancer Ed said if he ever found out he had cancer he would spend as much time as he could with whoever he was with. This was before the ex-rays were taken. Additionally, he made me live a lie and I both feel and think it is more manipulation on his part because what he did to me was extremely evil and sinister.

Again this was done under my fathers direction.

Insemination in Natzi Concentration Camps

This stems from my fathers belief or stories of what he alleged had been done to his Grandmother Jen who my father alleged was a Jewish woman that had been in a concentration camp in Germany during WW2. The last name of his father was originally Roy Leech and then it was later changed after adoption to Roy Emmit Boettcher.  My father alleged that Jen had been kept in the concentration camp and that the women’s menses had been kept track of by the nurses running the camp. She was raped by being inseminated and sent to america when it was found that she was pregnant.

He alleged that the sperm that was used to inseminate her was that of Adolph Hitler. My grandfather Stanley Grabowski fought in WW2 and he was a mason and was protecting me and my father. My father alleged that basically I was the result of a science experiment gone bad in that I was dyslexic, had systemic lupus and other health problems and because my uterus and ovary’s tilt backwards the same way that my cousin Christina’s do. My father viewed me as defective and he wanted me killed because of his viewpoints on my differences the same way a baby bird is killed by its mother if it is sick and she pushes it out of the nest and allows it to die in order to tend to the healthy birds.

This all upset me so much I blocked it all out of my mind it was told to me when I was probably 8 years old and then several times after that, it upset me to be told that I was the product of the most evil man ever known in history. I felt my father was saying that I was the spawn of Satan, he has told other people about it and as a result I have been socially abused and discriminated against unfairly because I believe in equality even though Hitler did not and my father does not, nor does Ed.  The two daughters that Edward Malik allegedly raped are half Hispanic  they are the biological children of Anthony Victors not his biological children he is their adoptive parent I was to trusting and I gave that honor to the wrong man.

Makayla has hazel eyes and Edward Malik had said that his father has Hazel eyes he has always treated her differently, ignored her, and made statements about her alleging there was something wrong with her. I can not remember for sure but I thought that Carl Malik had blue eyes like my father but I could be mistaken.

Also in regards to Makayla I have a big fear in that my other children that were not Ed’s were allegedly raped by him and my father had made threats against her life, I also fear she may be raped due to my viewpoints on equality in that it appears that it all may of happened and I don’t want anyone to hurt her as she almost died on me twice once during pregnancy and she did not fare well after birth. Her name is % chance of dieing if I did. I spent the entire 9 months on literal bed rest, I had to be the strong one in the house telling everyone that I was doing the right thing and that God would not let me die if I did the right thing. I know what it is like to look the grim reaper in the eye every day for nine months. Makayla because it means “gift from god”  I took a huge risk in giving birth to her as  I was given a and she is my gift from god in doing so we are both here and alive and I was supposed to die. David Boettcher alleged that I did die and that he was standing there in the hospital and when it happened he did not blink, he did not cry he did not react, he alleged that he had video to support his allegations.

Cathy Portencaso, Shade, Butterfield, Smith Boettcher had three children from three different men which was something my father had always pointed out to me. I had two husbands and two sets of children or so I believed, I think this was done to me for the reasons listed above and out of hate and spite, I also believe it was done in an effort to get Corey Haim into trouble if that is where the sperm came from because one of the allegations that my father had made to me in the past was that all three men Tony Ed and Corey only wanted children out of me and nothing else. Then he contacted me and told me this which I was “slimmed” but I don’t know who’s sperm it was, my father alleged that testing had been done on Makayla without me knowing it and that she was Haim’s daughter not Ed’s again, I do not know if that is true it needs further investigation and Makayla and Mackenzie need to be removed from Edward Malik’s care immediately.

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