My father expects me to turn him in for crimes he confessed to me, if I don’t do the right thing I will never get my kids back and he said he will kill me like he killed his other victims. I have been the subject of a lifetime of abuse perpetrated by him and orchestrated by him, he has also gotten other people to participate int hat abuse and they even created a website and put my photo all over the news so that I would not be believed even thorough I am telling the truth. On the about page of this website called fictims the text written is laced with nothing but hate talk and verbal attacks against persons who have made accusations of various crimes the text sounds like my father David Boettcher wrote it himself in its entirety even has statistics written on it. The point behind the site is that once I do get the word out about what has happened to me people will start to share it on Facebook, mostly through gangs and small organized crime groups as well as anyone else who bites. IF and when they do they will be charged with witness intimidation and tampering as well as defamation of character each count meaning each person who clicks on the story or image from that site and shares it will then be charged with a count for the above described crimes.

This is an attempted to aid and abetting those who have destroyed my life, my kids lives and who refused to believe the truth which is my father is an undercover CIA operations Manager who had worked for the Government on a sting operation which he wanted ended a long time ago but he has not been able to end. He told me he was a CIA operative many times then told me he was promoted to Inspector General for the Country because there were many CIA agents and politicians that he sold policies to. He is also a serial killer and is trying to avoid prosecution for his crimes against not only me but my kids as well as the people in my family which he killed and others have killed for life insurance proceeds and access to what I was told a very large trust fund which was created for me when I was a baby and consisted of alleged donations, money for sales of life stories to movies, music, books, and every CIA check he ever got, some of the money may be from insurance proceeds, and some was from my grandfather Stanley Grabowski.

My father lied and told people they were going to get a portion of the money as a payout for my life but he has no access to the funds and never will. The money was given to someone who will NEVER pay anyone if anything were to happen to me. Therefore everyone has wasted their time and continues to waste their time harassing me defaming me and trying to prevent me from obtaining justice.  A ton of people seem to be angry with me, I have had my house broken into on basically a daily basis, I have been sex trafficked, I have been made into a homeless person and don’t even have food to eat a place to bathe, and have been constantly harassed by people who think they are going to get away with what they have done in their own lives or to me and my girls as far as covering up their involvement.

I am disabled, and I am being punished for being taught knowledge which is readily available to each and every citizen in the united states in that I filed a court case that is a winning case and that the state of Indiana can not wiggle out of. I have been denied assistance, told to get a job when its obvious that I have lupus and that has been documented since 2011 by my current doctor and dates back even further than that.  I have been black balled in that if I contact churches for food I am ignored, I don’t get a call back and have no car to get to any. My family has all turned their backs on me and I was told it was because they purchased policies on me themselves when I was a baby and they are in trouble because of that as this is considered attempted homicide by way of forced or pushed suicide, and can be considered attempted homo-side as the temperatures are fridged and no one can live in these conditions.

This is what was done to me in jail on purpose by Lake County, Logansport, and Grundy County who released photos without a conviction which is defamation of character and grounds for a mistrial.  I requested a trial by jury I will never get a fair trial with people calling me a liar on the internet. 

My father started to teach me the law when I was 3 years old, I have been taught how to tell when a person is lieing, how to listen to their subconsciousness, how to determine if someone is a friend or not, etc. I was taught criminal law, pre-trial procedures, unlawful courtroom procedures how to spot them and how to handle them if they occurred, I was taught how to find the answers to any questions I might have. My father thinks I need him, but I don’t. He is a serial killer who killed people in my family and may of had something to do with an enormous amount of deaths if he is telling the truth. But I have reserves as I honestly feel that some of the accusations he has made were made so that the real truth of what he did would be covered up by the outlandish nature of the statements themselves and to prevent me from selling my house so that I could get away and start a new life without oppression where I would have the liberty to choose who to marry, how to raise my family, and what I wanted to do to earn an legal honest living.

Because of my father and his co-horts wanting to silence me and prevent me from telling the truth he said he had his self diagnosed with schizophrenia, my brother did as well and he even alleged my mother Lucy Boettcher also did so.  Plus they have put me in jail on false charges of false reporting of crimes that I had reasonable grounds to believe, I have been sexually assaulted/ sex trafficked and made to belive that my two daughters Madalynn Alyssa and Mackenzie were all raped and I was told my daughter Makayla was also going to be raped due to my american viewpoints of equality.

This was my fathers life work without me all that he worked for does not exist, his sting was started when I was a baby and I was used as bait, to him I am nothing more than a minnow, disposable, a throw away like trash. People just keep listening to him and they think they will never get into trouble and that nothing will ever come of it but what they don’t understand is they will pay for what they have done because they can’t kill me at this point no one can make me stop I don’t care what anyone labels me as, I know the truth and that is all that matters, my girls know and those who love me which there are maybe a few if not just 1 they know the truth and most importantly since I was under surveillance my entire life the CIA knows I am honest never hurt anyone and that I am the victim. I did not choose to be a victim I was born one but those who agree to help him and listen to his hate talk and manipulation and then do the bad things he tells them to do those people are the voluntary victims that’s not my fault that is on them they need to grow up and own responsibility for their own actions what they did is on them and they have accept it. What ever happens if they choose to harm themselves then that on them as well, I have a clean conscious and I always will. I did not harm anyone I don’t deserve to be punished because I am my fathers pawn. Instead of being mad a time be mad at him.I have no choice I have to do the right thing, that’s what I was raised to do.

My father said this was done to Eminem, that the masons knew he was made sick and they tried to help him and put him in jail knowing that he would fight back and win. That is what has been done to me and I did not agree I was thrown in to it. My family is Mason by Heritage and my dad said because I am Mason, I have to go to jail 3 times for that reason only. That is absurd, if I am mason by heritage then I don’t need to be initiated, its my birthright which is the message I seem to get so if the masons want to keep their promise to me which I remember that there was then please do so now.  I beg you. They promised to keep me safe from everyone including my father its time that I need to ask you to keep that promise because this man is insane but that is what he wants you to think so he gets out of trouble or goes to a mental hospital rather than jail or prison.

Some people were told I needed a “reason to live” I had a reason, I had four beautiful smart reasons, you took my reasons away. I looked forward to my grandchildren, to helping raise them and to being there when they were born to being the NaNa that my dad and mom weren’t. That has all been stolen from me, my entire life has been stolen for other peoples agendas their political wants and dreams for me and not my dreams for myself. I had my own dreams none of this is mine this is all my dads dreams for me I am an artist I loved being an artist but he took that dream from me, I should not have to work for something that should of been given to me when I was 18 years old that money is my money that is my life, my blood, my kids lives, my kids blood on that money. End of story, you want your political agendas fulfilled you find someone else I am telling the truth in its entirety because I don’t lie for anyone not even my dad and he robbed me of my life so he could keep his freedom and he is trying to rob everyone else of their lives for the same reason. They all are. I had a life, I had my own dreams what ever happened to freedom, liberty, equality? I am AMERICAN am I the only one that means anything to?

All that any of what has done to me is created a rage that I cant seem to make go away and make me hate in a way I never did before, I am filled with hate and resentment and I was raised not to hate and not to be hateful. I am supposed to hate only CRIME.