Abuse, Dyslexia

Being One of the Cool Kids

Hale School

I have talked about some of the things I went through when I was a kid but I haven't gotten very in-depth. In school I had a handful of friends we were basically the rejects. The cool kids pretty much consisted of the rest of the class. I was always shy and timid and because I could not concentrate in school I spent most of my time quietly daydreaming or doodling. When the teacher spoke I paid attention but all assignments were to be taken home and completed with Grandma to avoid erasures on the papers.

Anyway, I was the subject and target of a massive amount of teasing when I was young even the people who were supposed to be my friends joined in on occasion which is why they were called "fair weather friends".

One day, one of the "Cool Kids" Trisha Hernandez asked me if I wanted to join her lunch table at lunch time. Of course I did but I wasn't sure if I should. Knowing that if I did I would probably hurt the feelings of my "friends".  I stupidly fell for it, and when lunch time came the girls used me sitting at their table as a tool to tease me and ridicule me. It was terrible.

The point is, I am no stranger to people "pretending" to like me. Especially "Popular" people, I'm not stupid enough to fall for the same trick twice. It's a shame that guys like Girut don't realize that whole situation is lies, it's a bigger shame that he doesn't want to hear the truth.

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