Abuse, Domestic Violence, Gaslighting

2014 | Abuse House fire & Possible Gas Lighting

Mr. Malik was a fire man and a fire investigator currently he is a fire video-grapher which means he listens to the police scanner and goes and video tapes fires when they happen. He has over 600 fire video's on Youtube. It is his vast knowledge of fire and arson fires in combination with what was found at the house that I became so afraid. Additionally, he was gas-lighting me pretty badly and had been for quite awhile.


One day, while I was living upstairs, I woke up and noticed that there was a pile of cigarette packs on me nightstand. I also noticed a sheet on the floor that had not been there the night before, the sheet had a cigarette burn on it.

Further the children had pointed out that there were two small holes poked into the wall about knee high in the un-used bedroom adjacent to mine.

I then went into the hallway, I noticed that the lightbulb was out. There were two air conditioners that had been in the closet on the floor in the middle of the walk way in the hall leading to the stairs, however it was the middle of winter and they were not there before.

I knew the children did not put them there as they are very heavy and they could not have moved them out of the closet. Then when I asked the children had no idea why the air conditioners were in the middle of the walkway.

I checked the smoke alarms on the second floor and found that the batteries had been removed.

I then went downstairs to the main level of the home where everything seemed pretty much normal, however out of curiosity I checked the smoke alarms and found that those smoke detectors did not work either.

I went to the basement where I discovered Mr. Malik’s disastrous mess.

While in the basement, I moved a bag that had been hanging from the rafters that had belonged to me brother.

When I removed the bag, I discovered thick cotton wicking tied to and up against the rafters. I then stood back and looked at the mess and saw that the way it was set up could easily lead to a fire.

I noticed that the fuse box was open exposing the fuses for the house which was right above the dryer lint, it had moisture on it from the dryer. Because the pipe was open the moisture was collecting on the electrical box.

I then saw the mess that Mr. Malik had created and became extremely afraid that Mr. Malik was going to burn down the residence.

Later I went to the basement and I found a paper bag next sitting right next to the furnace, the bag was ripped on a forty-five-degree angle and placed flush up against the side on the furnace.

Inside the bag was an old fashion lightbulb and it was sitting on a silver gum wrapper and a paper receipt was inside the bag. The bag itself was placed right up against and touching the furnace, the footing to the furnace had been removed and I could see the reflection of flames from

inside the furnace. The bag was resting on an old exact-o knife set with open blades in it, the set looked familiar as belonged to I.

I became extremely afraid that Mr. Malik was attempting to blow up the house with everyone including himself inside.

I immediately told Mr. Malik he had to move out.

I contacted Detective Williams from the LSPD through Facebook, and told him what I had found.

Detective Williams then told me to go get an order of protection immediately the next morning.

The next morning I went to the courthouse and filed for an order of protection and evicted Mr. Malik from the residence.

When I returned from court and as I was pulling up to the residence, I noticed that the chimney was billowing smoke.

I checked the thermostat and found that it had been turned up to 98 degrees.

I then went to check on the home security system and found that it had been completely disconnected from the cable modem and was not working. It did however show that someone had entered the residence, but it did not show that anyone had left.

I thought that perhaps Mr. Malik had hidden inside the home, in the area above me office where there is a large area where a person could possibly hide. However, I was afraid to confront Mr. Malik so I did not check.

I then went to check the furnace, I noticed that there were two holes drilled into the exhaust pipes leading out from the furnace to the brick chimney and one hole drilled into the exhaust of the hot water heater, which could cause a carbon-dioxide leak.

I further noticed that there was tape next to the holes and an adhesive line on the pipe, as if the tape had been covering the holes and then had been removed and set next to them.

I realized that the tape belonged over the holes and replaced the tape over the holes so that no carbon dioxide would leak into the home.

I remembered that Mr. Malik had told me about a family that had died due to carbon dioxide poisoning a few weeks before.

Further, I noticed that the footing had been put back on the bottom of the furnace where it had been gone before.

I looked for the carbon dioxide detector, it was gone.

I cleaned up two contractor bags of garbage, from the mess that Mr. Malik created the garbage consisted of lint and clothing from the area of the basement where I believes Mr. Malik was going to start a fire, at least 20 empty containers of laundry soap that he had piled up, dried leaves, clothing, and dryer lint that had accumulated about two inches deep around the dryer, circuit breaker, garbage and where the cotton wicking was tied to the rafters.

In addition, I further filled up and disposed of an additional 8-10 contractor bags full of the children’s old cloths that could not be warn but were all over the basement causing a fire hazard.

That weekend, and because of Mr. Malik’s torment, the police and fire department were called to report to the residence three times. The last call that was made was made by I’s oldest daughter MMM.

While in the basement, I noticed that all the basement windows had been sealed. However, every pull chains had been removed from every light fixture in every area. I and the girls kept smelling a noxious chemical type smell inside the residence.

It was winter and all the windows were sealed as it was early January.

However, the children and I both kept smelling this noxious smell.

Twice, I called the fire department thinking that possibly natural gas was leaking inside the residence.

The third and final time the police were called by MMM who was insistent that I smelled gas.

I found an empty canister of MAP gas in a cupboard on the side of me home.

I further found pieces of brick that were cut off me home.

Finally, I became exhausted due to the torment and trying to clean up Mr. Malik’s mess’s.

I had all four children sleeping in the king size bed with me in case a fire did happen.

I had spent days cleaning and getting rid of Mr. Malik’s mess by dragging large carpenter bags outside in the ice and snow, I had not slept as I wanted to watch the house to ensure Mr. Malik did not burn it down.

I took all me photography lights and lit up all the windows and turned on every light in the house so that Mr. Malik would not know what room I and the children were in.

I called family and asked if I and the girls could stay at with them I was told no, and other family members did not answer the phone or return a call.

I called shelters and asked if I and the girls could go their but was told there was no room for all of us.

MRM, and MLM, had a friend nearby who said that the family could come stay there for the night to get some sleep since they were afraid of Mr. Malik.

I and the girls went to the house. That night not long after everyone went to bed, I smelled the strong odor of fire or wood burning.

The residence did not have a wood burning stove or fireplace that I knew of.

I also heard loud sirens as if they were outside and then heard loud popping, like tires exploding.

I became very scared, me heart sank as I laid their perfectly still thinking me house and car were gone, I was literally petrified to go look and see if me home was still there.

The next morning, I was so scared that the children may get hurt by Mr. Malik’s antics I decided that it might be best for me to contact CPS for help.

I thought that if a CPS worker came there maybe I could get additional help in stopping Mr. Malik and at the very least I could place the girls with CPS temporarily until I could get away.

I was scared to death, I did not want anything to happen to me children inadvertently, and felt if Mr. Malik was to burn the house down with me in it, then it would only be me and not me children.

I wrote a note to the teacher in one of the children’s agenda for the teacher to contact CPS and to send a social worker to the residence where I was staying.

I also felt scared, trapped, and I was extremely scared that the girls were going to get hurt because of Mr. Malik’s games and torment.

Further, I is afraid of only one breed of dog, which is a Pitbull. At or around six (6) a.m. I got up because I heard dogs barking; and a knock at the door.

I had to use the restroom as well so I hobbled down the stairs (slowly as I was in much pain) I then heard Mr. Malik’s voice.

I then heard the men ask “you said there was a little dog?” I heard Mr. Malik say something, but by the time I got downstairs, the door was shut and the man who sounded like Mr. Malik was gone.

While I was downstairs, I saw a key ring that I knew belonged to Mr. Malik but that I had not seen in years.

I, also noted a stack of papers on the counter which looked to be some type of paperwork regarding insurance at this point I felt that it was possible that the people at the residence were just playing with me and trying to scare me but I was still very scared.

Further, around 11:00 or 11:30am. Mr. Malik showed up at the residence to purportedly give I money to take care of the children. I wondered how Mr. Malik knew where I was.

It was not like me to go stay anywhere other than the residence, especially on a school night.

I felt that the family who I had been staying with did not like I much.

I never had visited or gone to that residence in the past.

I immediately noted the smell of fire on Mr. Malik.

I told Mr. Malik I felt trapped due to the Pitbull being at the bottom of the stairs and me not being able to leave the upstairs because of it.

Mr. Malik told me if I felt uncomfortable that I had a home to go home to and to go get hers and the children’s things, while he waited so I did. He then walked me home.

Mr. Malik was treating I like a child.

Once inside the residence, I noticed that the gallon of laundry detergent that I had upstairs to wash the floor was missing.
I also noticed that one of Mr. Malik’s Fire DVD’s was on the counter. Which had not been there the night before.

Mr. Malik then lead I to the basement to talk to me, he sat on the freezer in the basement and he gave me explicit instructions that if something was wrong at the residence, for instance if I smelled gas, or anything of that nature that I was to call him or call NIPSCO but that I was not to call the police, or the fire department for anything.

Mr. Malik told me that the police and fire department had both contacted him and that they told him that they thought I was crazy because I had contacted them three times in three days they were ready to arrest me for false reporting.

Mr. Malik went on to say that it cost’s the fire department $700 dollars each time they must take the truck out of the bay and that the fire chief Bozo was in his words “pissed off”.

I knew Mr. Malik was friends with both members of the police department and the fire department so I believed him.

After that day, I became afraid to call the police or fire department for anything.

I realizing that Mr. Malik had probably manipulated the police and fire departments and I dropped my request for an order of protection against him. I felt that Mr. Malik was too powerful and that I would probably lose the children and could face charges because the police and fire departments apparently did not believe me claims against Mr. Malik.

Mr. Malik returned to live at the residence.

A few weeks later, I found the fire extinguisher hidden under a pile of boxes in the downstairs back porch. Mr. Malik had buried it with boxes and other items.

To I’s knowledge, that was not where Mr.Malik had kept the fire extinguisher in the past; it was always kept by the wood burning stove.

Further, when I asked Mr. Malik about the fire extinguisher, he stated it had expired and no longer worked.

I asked Mr. Malik to try to expel the fire extinguisher, and when he did so it sprayed foam used to put out fire; and it clearly worked.

I also noticed that there seemed to be an extremely large number of nails hammered into all the rafters in the basement where I kept me art supplies.

I asked Mr. Malik to remove them, after brief argument he did.

After this incident I became afraid to leave my house empty as I had concerns that it would be burned down.

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