Abuse, Domestic Violence, Gaslighting

2015-2018 Abuse | Attacks on my Appearance

My father had called me on several occasions speaking what I thought was crazy talk about all the torment and torture I was going to be put through by Cathy, Tony, Ed, and his friends. From putting Nair in my shampoo and conditioner, to bleach in them to pull out the color to putting glass shards on the toilet paper. To entire packages of toilet paper vanishing. I have pretty much dealt with it all. People coming into my house in the middle of the night taking things and moving things around. Someone taking boards off the door jams repeatedly so that the door didn't make noise when it was closed. Whoever, it was would politely bend the nails down to the board too so no one would get hurt on them. How considerate.

I had a downward pitchfork carved into my woodwork in the living room. My toilet damaged beyond repair and water bill to go along with it. I found a dead baby pig on my front lawn. A hole stabbed into the side of my freezer downstairs. The glass from the stove was shattered. I have had the pilot light go out on the hot-water heater. Come home to the knobs on the stove being turned and leaking gas (thank god I wasn't smoking).  The hose left on for probably about 3 days I realized someone turned it on once the basement started seeping water. I have had every pull-chain removed from every light fixture in the basement and upstairs.  I have had a hole torn in my roof (though that might of been a critter).  I have had every piece of furniture I owned stabbed, and every electronic device in the house completely broken. I have had all the silverware vanish, every towel in the house vanish, and I have even had important court papers that I needed for child support vanish the day before court.

I have had 3 pets literally vanish from both my house and my yard. I have had all my clothing stolen and then what little I had left stolen to the point where I had pretty much what I had on my back and my suits.

I have been through an enormous level of abuse over my lifetime and the past 3 or 4 years have been exhausting. The past few years have been the worst mostly because the entire time I have been being subjected to a huge level of pressure in addition to an enormous level of major psychological and some physical abuses as well. Gas lighting and psychological conditioning are two of the main forms of psychological abuses that have been inflicted and it has taken its toll on me. Basically, what I have been living through is the equivalency of the biggest cover-up since Watergate. It is unfathomable how far people will try to go in an attempt to avoid prosecution for their crimes. Sadly, they will and do go very far including running a woman out of her home.

It did not help at all that my father had forewarned me of what people were going to be doing to me. I didn't remember anyway until it was to late which is usually how it goes or has been going.

Some other attacks on my appearance included putting prednisone which I am allergic to and makes me deathly ill in my food and drinks to make me swell up and gain weight. To ruin my appearance. In addition to ruining my hair and stealing my makeup. I was literally scalped in my sleep in my own home. I had the crotch cut out of my jeans while I was asleep, I have gone to bed with $300.oo woke up with two, gone to sleep and woke up with three again. I have had things taken out of my purse and put into my pocket while I was asleep. I have had half my toenail taken off.  These types things were happening every day or every other day for literally years. I bought a safe and then found that someone took the combination to the safe out of my purse and hid it inside of my PC. So while I was out they knew where to look to get the combination to get into the safe.  I put locks on the doors leading to the basement and to the upstairs. I would lock the doors when I would leave. I even have a lock that is from 1927 that uses a rare and specific skeleton key except that the second the key went missing. Whoever has the second key is the main perpetrator of what I have gone through these past 3 or 4 years. No matter what I do someone keeps getting into that house.

My father said that this was out of hate and spite and mean spirtedness but mostly jealousy. This was being done to me to age me and make me undesirable in addition to effecting my self esteem and self image negatively so I would lack the confidence needed to move forward in my lawsuits and the tasks at hand because I would be to embarrassed to show myself.

The premeditated thought in that my father called me before these abuses took place so it was pre-planned  years in advance. And this has been done to me repeatedly since my father moved back from Florida in 2009 and we started talking again. We spoke on the phone about a lot of subjects including the subject of my marriage and how it had been built on a lie. I understood what my dad was saying but what I didn't understand was how he knew and why if he did know he didn't tell me in the beginning of the relationship until waiting until I am married for ten years first.

My dad said a lot of things that really made zero sense to me at the time. I had no idea why he was saying the things he was and most of the time he ended up upsetting me so bad that he traumatized me and I would wind up forgetting the phone call after I hung up the phone. He said one of the times he talked to me he told me to go to sleep and I hung up the phone and went to sleep. For whatever reason, my father has that effect on me.

During many of these telephone conversations my father would speak of my ex-father in law Wesley Victors and make claim that Wesley was still alive. My father insisted that Wesley had staged his death and that he was not dead. He made that claim about other people as well but I don't see how anyone could do that. My father said it was as simple as paying a medical examiner for a death certificate and then staging a funeral packing your things moving to a different state and changing your name to something else once you get to the new state. He said it wasn't all that difficult of a thing to do really the hardest part is finding a medical examiner to help you out.

In regards to the abuse I have been sustaining from my father he said they are going to try and stop you or detour you from getting to the truth and putting this whole thing to rest. People are going to do mean things to you. Some of them may leave you scratching your head trying to figure out what their problems are. You won't be able to figure out what everyone's problems are but its going to seem like everywhere you go someone has a problem with you and they may say mean spirited things. Just ignore them the are trying to get a rise out of you. They would like nothing more to catch you on camera doing something stupid or exploding. Don't let them get to you.

He also said he had his full confidence in me and my abilities to handle the situation and he told me what to do. I forgot the phone call, in fact for awhile I had no recollection of talking to my father but one time and that was in person. If you asked me I would tell you it had been many years. I had alot of remembering to do because there have been several telephone calls that I answered and it was my dad on the other end of the line telling me more bad news about what was going to be done to me. During one of the calls he actually apologized to me and said I just didn't look abused enough so I had to be abused more.  I remember him saying that to me and me becoming upset. I don't remember much else from that day.

During some of those calls my father made insane accusations about people. He said things that just didn't sound right. It's because of this I would dismiss the entire embodiment of the call. I thought maybe he was getting dimensia, or maybe he was taking pain meds or doing hard core drugs. I really did, I honestly thought he flipped his lid and went to the point of no return. The reality is that is what my father wanted me to think so that he could get off with an insanity plea. The harsh reality is, my father has admitted to some pretty heinous crimes against others, myself and my family. If he was co-heriant enough to make the statements and then put things into motion to make his statements truth then he is co-heriant enough to stand trial.

The thing is, the things my father stated in those calls are the things that were done to me which means he knew in fact I am pretty sure he is the mastermind behind it all and those who have carried out those things are equally to blame.

Why are they equally to blame is simple. If I write a book that tells you how to kill man and you take that information and apply it is it my fault for writing the book or is it your fault for applying the information in the book?
It's yours for making the choice to apply that knowledge. If my father told other people to do things, he is partly to blame that is called conspiracy. If other's then took the information that was given to them and applied it that is on them. They have to accept responsibility for that and that is part of racketeering.  When you have a group of people who are targeting one person and conspiring to harm that person that is racketeering.


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