Abuse, Domestic Violence, Gaslighting

2015 | PITBULL


On another occasion after Defendant Malik’s leaving the residence, Plaintiff, had stayed up all-night working in her office, she had gotten the children off to school, and returned to her office. At some point, she fell asleep in her chair, she was in the house alone. At around 11am Plaintiff, woke up and went out to the living room to let out the dogs.

Plaintiff, was greeted at the front door by a Pitbull in her front vestibule. The door to the residence was closed. Plaintiff, afraid of Pitbull’s and not wanting to contact the police after Defendant Malik had told her not to, tried to get the Pitbull out of the house. The Pitbull would not leave. The Pitbull stayed in the house the entire day. At one point the Pitbull had gotten into Plaintiff, room and had attacked her dog Bentley, it also bit her daughter MLM on the knee breaking skin.

Plaintiff, eventually did get the Pitbull out of the house. However, it would not leave the front porch. Plaintiff then had no choice but to call the Lake Station Police and officers executed the dog. First shooting it with a b-b-gun to get it off the porch and then shooting it to death in the Plaintiff ’s back yard.

Plaintiff, suffered an immediate panic attack at the sound of the pop from the officer’s guns, she began to hyperventilate and cry because of the sound.

The officers then cleaned up the remains of the dog and left. MLM was checked out by ambulance personnel and found to be ok.

Plaintiff, later found five piles of dog feces in the basement, however it was apparent that no dog had defecated as the piles had dirt around them on the basement floor, as if someone had there placed them.

A few months later, the family’s germen shepherd, Lexi gave birth to eleven pit-bull puppies. Plaintiff, and the girls had to give Lexi up at the local humane society because they could not afford, nor were they equipped to handle 11 Pitbull German Shepard puppies.

MRM was the most heartbroken by the loss of her pet, as the germen shepherd Lexi had belonged to her. The dog had been named Dyslexia after it was found that MRM suffered from severe Dyslexia like Plaintiff.

Plaintiff, then realized that she had dated five men after the divorce and separation from Defendant Malik.

When she next saw Defendant Malik, and as Defendant Malik was leaving the residence and while he was by the gate to the property Plaintiff, called out, “Hey Ed? he turned to look at her and she said, “Bull***!” Defendant Malik, smiled at her with a big grin. shut the gate, turned, and got in his truck and drove away.

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