From my father David Boettcher:

“You’re not the problem you know, the people who hurt you and abuse you they are the one’s with the problem no matter who they are”.  “The problem is, these people hurt you and you keep letting them do it to you over and over because you love them, but they don’t love you the same in return.” You give them whole milk or love without conditions while you get skim milk or watered down love with or under certain conditions.” “That’s not true love”. What you give is true love what you have gotten back has not been love at all it’s been hate.  If you give out “Whole milk so to speak, you deserve to get back whole milk”.

My dad taught me this analogy and I got to thinking, when I buy milk for the girls, I always buy whole milk. I don’t buy 2 percent any more even though the girls don’t need the whole milk I never stopped buying it. I wondered if subconsciously and symbolically I was giving them whole milk because I want them to love wholly as they are loved wholly.

The reality is, my love has been used against me as a tool to keep control over me and to abuse me and I had suffered from Stockholm Syndrome it is also very possible that my daughters suffer from it as well.

From what I have been taught by my father David Boettcher  – From the beginning.

Please remember the following while reading this: Blood is thicker than water, and there is a fine line between love an hate. Also, please keep in mind that my father has taken peoples lives and my life has nearly been taken and I have been made sick by the actions of those involved including him.

From the beginning.

My father claimed that the reason that we did not have any family on his father’s side was because his grandmother who’s name is Jen had been a mistress or rape victim of Hitler and had come to America when she was pregnant with his father Roy Boettcher during WW2. Making me the spawn of Hitler. I viewed this story as abuse as it had upset me so much that I had blocked it out of my memory multiple times.

I do not have any clue if this is true or not…

My father’s mother’s side: (Carol Brelsford, Boettcher, Galetka, Grabowski.) Father’s side Roy Emmit Leech, then Roy Emmit Boettcher.

My great grandmother Olga Brelsford and great grandfather Theodore Brelsford were immigrants that came here with the clothes on their back on the boat from Sweden. The family was very poor and there were eight children. My grandmother Carol had taught me much about our family history including showing me ration stamps and telling me stories of what it was like to grow up extremely poor during the great depression.

My grandmother Carol, and Grandfather Roy Boettcher got married when my grandmother was 18 or 19 years old. They had two children, my uncle John and my father David. They got divorced after my grandfather Roy had an affair with the neighbor Sandy and she became pregnant with my uncle Rick. I never knew my grandpa Roy as he died when I was a baby at 50 years old. It was said that Roy allegedly died of colon cancer. My father always believed that my grandmother was poisoning him and that lead to Roy’s cancer which killed him so young.

My father claimed on many occasions that my grandmother Carol had killed people in our family for life insurance money. Then later when I was a young woman in my twenties, he also stated that he had participated in the killing and stated when he was a teenager and that my grandmother had put him up to it. My father stated that he was resentful of my grandmother for putting him up to killing and felt that she had ruined his life as a result. My father was also resentful of my grandmother for pushing him to drop out of high school and get a job to take care of her and because she tutored me and I was able to overcome my dyslexia. My father was upset because my grandmother was too busy working two jobs and chasing money to put the time needed into tutoring him. However, my father can read and write very well and has beautiful penmanship however, he wanted perfection.  While on the phone my father claimed to of ghost written many books and songs.  Since, I heard him sing the songs well before they were created, I know he was being honest about it however, at the time that he told me I did not believe him. After recovering memories of talks in the basement and my dad singing to me, I knew he was telling me the truth.

My Father Expressed Remorse for the Killings and is Using Me to Pay his Debt to Society

My father expressed remorse for his actions to me during more than one conversation. My father made it a point to teach me things such as you never take a man’s life from him unless you have no choice and it’s him or you, because you can’t give him his life back. A few years ago, during a telephone conversation he contacted me and told me about some of the terrible lies that were being said about me by Ed, Cathy, Grandma, and my brothers. My father also talked to me and told me I was going to get Justice for what was done to me as well as closure. He explained how the poison for insurance money works in detail and then he told me to exhume the bodies of the deceased mainly Doris and my Grandfather Stanley Grabowski. He stated how killing for any reason is obviously wrong, and that my grandmother had put him up to his first killing when he was a young man and that once he had done it once she had stolen his life from him.  Later, he found himself a father to a daughter that he was raising under the same roof allegedly with a woman who had attempted to take my life when I was young.

So, he devised a way to make all that killing mean something and he started working on that plan when I was very, very, very young. My father wanted to expose what he did so that people would learn from it, he also wanted me to understand what he did and why it was so wrong and be sure I would never do anything of the sort.  One of my father’s other goals was exposing the abusers of me and what they have done along with having them get caught for what they have done as it is criminal in nature. My father wanted to be sure that when he either died or went to jail that the girls and I would be safe from my ex-husband Tony Victors, Ed Malik and their cronies as well as safe from Cathy and anyone else who wanted to do me harm.  He also wanted to be sure that I healed and that I was able to be self-sufficient in the future so I would never have to allow myself to be abused again and that I would be the one to break the cycle of abuse for future generations.

My father started working on this plan when I was very young.

My father had explained everything to me in pieces over the course of my life and I objected to being made a participant in any of it. I was ignored and as a result I have been and continue to be severely abused. In doing this I will be setting an example for my daughters, and for future generations and it will help millions in the country. There is not a social class that is not going to be helped as a result of what I am doing by following through with this lawsuit.

While on the phone my dad explained things to me such as how murder for life insurance works, how the Children in need of services laws were Illegal and kids were being stolen from their parents illegally. He went over what judges were being targeted for corruption and why, what to look for at the jail, what to look for at Logansport.  My father went on to explain that my ex-husband Ed had used some of the settlement money he got in 2009 to pay officials to help him steal the girls from me. What this meant was that Ed had a nine year start on lying to people, manipulating them and winning them over, my father claimed there was a paper trail. My father also gave me a confession and a list of his murder victims and explained that some of them were old, sick and dying when they were poisoned and that my grandmother had “reasoned” it out with him that he was “helping” them by doing what he was because they were suffering. He also explained how murder is murder and that no one on this planet should have to go through that kind of death as it is a very slow and painful way to die. He also had promised me that I was never going to be abused again and that was a lie as the abuse has never slowed nor stopped.

Murder by way of Poison for Life Insurance

Basically, my father and grandmother killed family members and were paid life insurance money it was so easy to get away with they did its multiple times.  They were never caught for what they did and simply went on with their lives. My grandmother had wanted my father to agree to poisoning me when I was a child to kill me for life insurance. My grandmother tried to tell my dad I was mentally handicapped and I would be a burden on him his entire life. My father did not believe her and would not agree and told her he would turn her in if she tried anything again.  My father claimed that other family members had purchased life insurance policies on me and that they had agreed to remain silent in the event of my early demise.

My father wanted to give back to society for the lives he took, he also wanted me as well as others to see that they had been lied to about me and not only my life choices but also my educational backing. My father started looking for ways that he could give back by helping people since he could not do it himself, he devised a plan to not only expose those who have inflicted the most abuse of me by forcing me to write a book about it but also devised plans to force me to accomplish most if not all of his goals which are:

  • Expose the poisoning for life insurance scheme, while doing so obtain justice for myself and the other victims. Work toward getting automatic autopsies on all deceased and regulations on the sale and purchase of pesticides and poisons.
  • Expose CPS and DCFS and the erroneous unconstitutional nature of the CHINS laws. Request a judicial review to revoke the illegal Chins laws and replace them with a new more constitutional set of laws or a new CHINS program all together.
  • Expose LoganSport and the serious problem of illiteracy in State Mental Hospitals where persons are sent for “competency” and held to long due to illiteracy and not incompetency. Further expose how these types of facilities are being mis-used as a tool to frighten and scare anyone who files a grievance against the State for constitutional violations.
  • Expose Lake County Jail for serious corruption as well as the abuse of prisoners and systematic stealing of people’s lives one day at a time by holding prisoners longer than they are supposed to be held without any regard for that prisoner’s life or livelihood. This is being done illegally and primarily by the guards who have created their own punishment system within the jail without due process of law.
  • Eliminate mandatory urine testing upon arrest.
  • Eliminate unlawful punishments for those who refuse to submit to unlawful urine testing.
  • Eliminate by Judicial Review the charge of Disorderly Conduct for it’s vagueness and unconstitutional implementations as it is primarily used as a tool to punish citizens for exercising freedom of speech.
  • Eliminate Judges prescribing medication and mandating said prescriptions and evaluations to prisoners as it is unconstitutional.
  • Eliminate the participation in mandatory court mandated DNA and Psychological Evaluations as part of Plea agreements due to the unconstitutional nature of said “specimen collection” and “medical evaluations”.
  • Bring to the surface the real problem of denial of justice by judges and justices who fail to uphold the law due to Judicial Comradery.
  • Fight to have Juvenile courts become open court proceedings and to prevent the “government” from preventing the admission of evidence by the disallowing of electronic devices being brought into court buildings which is a denial of justice.
  • Fight to have a trial by jury be a requirement under the law when a parents rights are going to be severed.
  • Require that Every state in the nation make it a requirement that each graduate take and pass the United States Constitution in order to graduate high-school.
  • Fight to eliminate the 11th Amendment due to the constant mis-use by states and government officials to deny citizens their rights to sue under the law when there rights have been violated.
  • Handle additional controversial issues as they arise.

My Grandfather Stanley Grabowski

Allegedly, my grandfather Stanley Grabowski had been made aware that my grandmother had poisoned and killed his daughter Doris. My father had told me that he had taken my grandfather to the side and informed him. My father also claimed that my grandfather knew and allowed himself to be poisoned knowing that someday I would have his body exhumed and he would help to expose this very real problem of murder for life insurance money.

When I was about 18 years old my grandfather gave me a special gift for my birthday that he had made for me in his work room in the basement. I can remember him walking up the stairs of my grandmother’s house quacking while he marched a wooden marionette puppet that he made up the stairs. He also gave me a very technical special ruler. The message he was sending me was “Your father is a puppet” “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck!” “Measure Up!”.

My grandfather died in 1998 a slow and agonizing death. When he died he looked like a Auschwitz victim. My grandfather also had Alzheimer’s and dimmensia after learning what I have about poison it may of been brought on as a result of poisoning as the poison does affect the brain and memory.

Gas Lighting

Gas Lighting, lies and manipulations are primarily what has been used to get people to help them with their efforts of stealing my daughters and entrapping corrupt officials while doing so. Making me fight to the Supreme Court to turn in those officials so I can regain custody of my daughters and obtain justice for the years of poisoning of me and years of my life that were stolen by hateful individuals who wish for nothing more than to see me dead.

I believe my daughters are aware of my father’s agenda and that they have put themselves into a position where they may be being abused as a result. My daughters had seemed to of had some knowledge of some of the things that had happened to me as far as abuses sustained to me as a young child. The girls had been working at helping me remember these things before they were taken.

The Deceased/ Allegedly Murdered 

Theodore Brelsford – My father claimed that my grandmothers father my great grandfather Theodore Brelsford’s death was not  heart attack but the result of being poisoned for financial gain. He had worked for the Wabash Railroad and had an annuity worth over $100,000.00.

Little Oscar – Was born during the great depression and was killed because he was born with a club foot and the family did not want to take care of him. My grandmother acted as if it was commonplace to kill a child for such a reason. She referred to Little Oscar as a lifelong burden.

Mabel Sandberg – was an Aunt or Great aunt of my grandmother Carol that my grandmother hated.

Ann Brelsford – was my grandmother’s sister and she was dyslexic. My grandmother was jealous of her beauty but viewed her as a burden on the family and as a “dim bulb”  due to her dyslexia. (That is how my grandmother was on the inside.) Ann was 35 when she died and she allegedly had “brain cancer”. Father call’s and had always called me “Ann” as a constant reminder to my grandmother for what she put him up to doing and taking her life at such a young age.

Ed Galetka – was my grandmother’s second husband and she claimed that she loved him dearly. Ed died suddenly of a massive heart attack. However, my father claimed foul play was involved and that he was poisoned for life insurance and that the poison caused the heart attack which is entirely feasible.

Olga Brelsford – was my grandmother’s mother who died when I was in third grade. My grandmother insisted on bringing her home and not allowing her to be kept in a nursing home. At the time, I was told she fell and broke her hip and had Leukemia and no one knew it. When the hip broke the Leukemia went into her blood and killed her. That was the story.

Doris Grabowski – was the mentally handicapped daughter of Stanley Grabowski my grandmother’s third husband. Doris had been institutionalized before my grandmother and Stanley had been married. Once my grandmother married Stanley he brought Doris home to be taken care of by my grandmother. Doris had severe mental handicap and was barely able to speak. My grandmother viewed her as a burden and accused Doris of things she could not of possibly of been doing.  Doris died when she was about 35 years old, similar to Ann. The reason my grandmother told me growing up was “Doris died young because mentally handicapped people don’t live to be old”.

Doris died around the time that my father obtained custody of me from my mother. He confessed to me that he and grandma killed her so that my grandma could take care of me. When my grandma bought the burial lot for Doris she purchased an additional lot at the same time. That burial lot is still open today. My grandmother was cremated and my father always stated he wanted to be cremated too.

My dad claimed that my grandmother did not stop there. My dad thought or knew, I am not sure which that my grandmother had killed her Doctor Roche, and Pharmacist Greg Skylane.  On another occasion my father once called and told me that he had killed Dr. Roche and Greg Skylane. My dad also tried to lie to me and claim my grandmother was a pill popper and that was why he had killed them. However, I know that is completely untrue, that I know for a fact. The reason I know is because my grandmother had been sick just like me for years. She was held captive in the house she lived in on Mobile Ave for years. My grandmother was a complete shut in, and she didn’t go to the doctor which was why she was crippled. My grandmother may of been evil and she may of killed but she has been my father’s victim herself until she died and she was his victim for years, she just did not know it.

Carol Grabowski – My grandmother had Systemic Lupus and RA the same way that I do plus other types of arthritis when I was young she injured her hip and all she ever took was Advil. My grandmother endured years of pain and suffering and frankly that was why she was so mean and hateful and why she was crippled. Her body deteriorated because she was in to much pain to move around. My grandmother once stood at five foot seven, the last time I saw her she stood at around five foot. My grandmother was miserable because she refused to take medication that would of helped her be more mobile and have a better quality of life. Had she taken the medication she probably wouldn’t of been so miserable and wouldn’t of made everyone around her miserable like she did. My grandmother was cremated and honestly, I wonder why as I had always been told that my grandmother was to be buried not cremated. I believe my grandmother was poisoned by my father the way he had poisoned other victims. My grandmother constantly had stomach problems, had reproductive organ problems and had to have seven surgeries and then a hysterectomy that aged her prematurely. After awhile she may of figured it out as she would only eat soup from a can on a daily basis.

My father also alleged to murdering additional people himself once he was an adult and he divulged this to me during multiple telephone conversations. Here is a list of the additional people he alleged to of killed or had put an alleged “hit” on them.

Ronnie Zimba – My god father, my father “claimed” that Ronnie Zimba had attempted to rape my mother and that she told my father. My father claimed as a result he killed Ronnie Zimba as a result. I never met him and do not know if he is alive. My father claimed my mother was scared she would be tried as a accomplice because she saw my father covered in blood the night that Ronnie was allegedly killed.

Jane Doe – Palos Hills Il – During a call my father tried to remind me of an incident that occurred in which I found a dead body in the basement of the apartment I was living in when I was approximately 16 years old. My father claimed to of killed Jane Doe of Moraine Drive in Palos Hills back in 1992 or 1993. I found the body and I think I have regained memory of the entire day. I had blocked out the memory because I found the body and I was nearly sexually assaulted by Wes Victors, Anthony Victors father. (Anthony later became my husband) Tony had no knowledge of this unless my father or his mother or father informed him. Due to the traumatic nature of the day I had suppressed or blocked out the memory but have since recovered it. My father attempted to remind me during a telephone call and at the time I had no memory of it. After meditating and going back to my old apartment and sitting outside in the car I started to remember.

John Sylvester Jr. – My father also “Claimed” that he had put a hit on John Sylvester Jr. he stated that while John and I were dating my father had asked him if he wanted to be the one to become my husband and poison me for him. John refused to participate, he did not want to hurt me, and he did not want to be married to me and have to let go after so long. Once he knew what my father’s plan was and refused to help he became a liability to both my father and his plan as a result of his being a free thinker and leader my father alleged he put a “hit” out on John and that he was killed and that it was not a car accident but that the accident John died in was an intentional hit. My father also claimed many, many, many times that John was still alive and in hiding as a result of the “hit”. He claimed he lived in Heartford Ct. using his father’s or grandfather’s name which is the same as his.  Since so much of what my father had told me was true, I drove to Heartford Ct. looking for clues and assistance in ending the situation. I was unable to locate John Sylvester Jr. according to his obituary, he passed away in October of 2001, right after I met Ed Malik my second husband.

Wesley & Barbra Victors – My father also claimed to of put a hit out on Wesley Victors and Barbra Victors because they were allegedly standing between my father and grandmother killing me for insurance money.

My father has claimed multiple times that Wesley Victors is not dead and that his death was staged and we buried a wax statue of  Wes. I was at the funeral and I witnessed Wes be buried. While it was odd that Wes died as suddenly as he did and it is completely possible and I suspect that his son Anthony had something to do with his death I really do not know for certain.

During Christmas one year while Wes was playing with the kids he was sitting by me playing with Millborn, and he was talking to one of the kids and he said “Wes Victors is alive and well and living in Miami”. Then he said WHAT ? like that would be everyone’s reactions. Wes had spoken of a company he wanted to go work for in Florida called Live-Ops. I ended up having a Job with Live-Ops and I received my sales training through Live-Ops. Right before Wes allegedly died he had talked about going there.  Wes also mentioned Corey Haim’s name to me but that was all it was his name.  A friend of mine also mentioned his name to me as well but that easily could of been the result of my father.

Summit when I was a little girl. In other conversations he went on to claim a lot more killing which I believe was all lieing and gas-lighting. I have a memory of the floor being torn up near the furnace room in Summit. I remember being very confused by the hole and the concrete chunks everywhere. For some reason I remember thinking that “Daddy shouldn’t be doing what he was doing”. I knew what he was doing by digging in the furnace room was wrong.

Corey Haim – My aunt Debbie is my father’s sister in law. My aunt Debbie’s maiden name was Lucus, apparently she has family in film making and somehow Corey Haim became involved in this mess and my father apparently put a hit out on him. Corey Haim was said to of died of phenomena however, the fact that I am here writing this is proof that anything is possible and he may still be alive.  The story I was given was that Mr. Haim found out I was being poisoned and out of all the people who had knowledge he was the only one that reported anything to the FBI. If that is true or untrue is unknown to me as the person I would need to ask A. Does not know who I am or that I exist, and he may or may not be deceased. It is my job to report this information in case Mr. Haim is alive and in hiding so that he can have his life and freedom back.

If Mr. Haim did go to the FBI and he did tell, that was very courageous and noble.

Accepting your “Parents” are Serial Killers.

My father and grandmother raised me, it has been very difficult for me to believe or accept that they had done the things that they have done. However, there is no reason for my father to “create” the story of he and my grandmother killing for insurance proceeds when I was a young girl and then proceed to tell me about it growing up multiple times, starting as a pre-teen and then telling me multiple times again as an adult unless it was true.

Forcing Change

My father believed that when fighting corruption or an illegal system the only way to create change when people refuse to change is to force it upon them. In these instances that force comes in the form of the filing of lawsuits and requests for judicial review.

My father determined what his primary goals were and then determined how to accomplish them. He and Cathy and Ed and Tony have lied and manipulated most people into assisting them in carrying out the abuse that has been inflicted on me. What those who have assisted did not realize was that they had agreed to assist and in doing so they now may face charges as a result. My father set them up for setting me up.

How this happened

When my father was a teenager his brother, my uncle John had been drafted into the Army and sent to Texas for boot camp. My dad was roughly around 15 or 16. My father was probably dyslexic and had a hard time in school and he got into a lot of trouble. When he was 16 my grandmother had him drop out of high-school and get a job to help support her. I believe this was after “Pop” or Ed Galetka died, and before she married my grandfather Stan. My dad quit school and worked at Gas City and eventually managed a couple of them. Just about all the money he earned he turned over to grandma to help out with the bills.

As a man he was upset because he felt my grandmother had robbed him of what could have been a completely different life. By having him drop out of school she caused my father to have to get manual labor type jobs. While my father was good with his hands eventually his back and knees started to give out on him and he found himself a middle-aged man with no pension, no annuity, no social security to speak of and nothing to fall back on. Had he been allowed to stay in school and my grandmother put the time into tutoring him the way she had with me his entire life would of been different and that made him angry. He felt as though by my grandmother putting him up to killing and then making him drop out of school, she stole his life from him before he ever really had a chance to start one.

Even though my father had remorse and had made derogatory comments many times about killing for money he still did not turn grandma in. My father said that at one time he had considered turning her in but that he could not bring himself to do so. Instead, my grandmother’s home became her prison. My grandmother was a shut-in that left the house one time per week to go to the store and to the doctor. She spent her life in ill health and honestly it would not surprise me if she had been being poisoned especially since she was cremated. My grandmother had no quality of life, she literally was a prisoner being tortured by her own body and a prisoner in her own house. My grandmother died a few years back which is when a lot of the gas lighting got worse and when a lot of the abuse of me started.

Since my father couldn’t take back what he and grandma had done he instead started working on me to ensure I never did anything like he did. He literally set out to ensure that I was like him in many ways and that I was not like him in many others. He taught me from a young age that money can’t buy love or happiness and it can’t bring people back from the dead. My dad started working on me about the Constitution in 7th grade even though the test wasn’t until near the end of eighth. Then I took the test again in highschool and passed it again as it was a requirement. Around this time my dad started teaching me little bits and pieces of the law. He often mixed history lessons into our conversations and he even taught me survival using some of the stories he told.

My dad has also called me and taught me other things over the phone, like how to tell if you have been poisoned by cyanide. What to do if you think your being poisoned. He went over different types of toxins and poisons including Mustard Seed which was used during one of the wars for genocide. It was also used by my ex-husband in our home where our children resided. He explained that if any animals get sick to pay special attention to it especially if any die. He told me to drink water from the faucet and not from water bottles. What I had not realized at the time was that the problem was actually in the basement with the water filter canister. I believe poison may of been put into that canister at intervals which is what was making me sick. The valve that turns the water on and off for the canister was eaten away by what appears to be some type of acid. The canister itself has been destroyed after I became ill after drinking water from the kitchen faucet. I shut off the valve to the canister and drilled holes in the canister so it could no longer be used in case it was being used to harm me. This also explains why when I was poisoned in 2012 I became sick after eating Raman Noodles that were made for me by Madalynn and why the cat Lucky projectile vomited at me which was part of why I took the children and left the home at the time. Madalynn has not poisoned me nor did she do anything wrong. The problem was the water due to the water canister in the basement not Madalynn or anything she did or did not do.

It’s a Set-Up & I Too am his Victim

As for my father the reality is he set up the situations that I have been put through, contacted me prior and informed me of what was going to happen, who I would meet, their background story and everything he thought I would need to get through the different situations. Unfortunately, due to psychogenic amnesia and my disbelief and anger I was unable to avoid any of it and have found myself in a position where I have to file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court and expose my story in order to obtain justice and get my daughters back.

The difference is I will go against my father and think for myself while those who have broken the law have done so after listening to Ed or to my dad or brother or whoever and their lies. The reality is this, I give whole milk and I had thought I was getting whole milk back in return but after closer examination I realized that I haven’t even been getting skim milk, I have been being given the reconstituted powdered stuff.

Much of what my father and I talked about included the law in some facet. He spent a great deal of time discussing legal scenarios and illegal legal maneuvers with me. Those very exact legal maneuvers we went over together twenty years ago have been used to illegally take my children from me. In thinking back on the conversations, I had with my father back then I often thought the things he was saying were crazy and I believe at one point I asked him point blank if he heard voices. He had often spoke of Grandma’s alleged killing of Doris Grandpa Stan’s mentally handicapped daughter. He also divulged to me at one point that he belonged in a gang as a child, the gang was an old greaser gang named the Kings. My father instilled leadership qualities in me and I was raised to be a free thinker and a leader and leaders don’t join gangs. I was never interested in them but unknowingly or unwittingly married Ed Malik who was a member of a Chicago Street Gang. I had forgotten the part about Ed being in a gang and the part about gangs that once you are in them you are in them for life. That never really appealed to me.

My father also divulged other things to me over the years of me growing up with him at grandma’s house and during the times that I would visit. Some of the things we discussed were told to me purposefully while we were alone. Much of it was gone over on the telephone during our three-hour long telephone conversations. You wouldn’t believe how much I learned that I used to get through the situation I am in from those conversations.

My dad didn’t exactly want my ex-husbands to know what I knew and what I didn’t know when it came to the law.  He talked to me alone and specifically told me never to discuss it. I never did, the subject never came up. I was told never to discuss the law, or laws, never discuss how to handle a court case, never discuss any of what we spoke about. Most of our conversations were centered around law and civil rights. The constitution was gone over several times as were different tort laws. How to file and handle the lawsuit were also gone over with me starting in my twenties. By the time I had to put this into practice I had forgotten most of what I had been taught but luckily memory searching helped me find the answers I needed to file a federal lawsuit against my ex-husband and several municipalities including judges, magistrates, justices, and others who were sworn to uphold the law yet have not done their due diligence in investigating my claims nor have I been provided proper due process of law.

If this isn’t abuse, I don’t know what is

The problem is my father has more recently called me and confessed some of his crimes to me after telling me that he was dying of colon cancer. The things he said to me he had told me twenty or more years before but I had not believed him and shelved the memories of the conversations. The problem is when someone is lying to you, they don’t usually lie twenty years prior and then again twenty years later tell the same lies. Some of what he said I viewed as ludicrous sounding and since he called me gullible so much, I didn’t believe him when he made these statements. Until he called me twenty years later and confessed his crimes to me again. However, even then I didn’t believe it I had to remember the conversations from early adulthood to believe what my father told me. Due to the severity of what he said to me on the phone he caused me to have an episode of psychogenic amnesia which kept me from remembering what he said. My father is well aware that he has this effect on me and he has used it to his advantage as well as had Ed utilize this method to scare me half to death.

Being told by your parent that he is a serial killer.

I remember him telling me repeatedly while growing up that Grandma had killed people for life insurance in our family including her sister Ann Brelsford, and Doris just to name a few. My father also claimed that my grandmother killed others too including her husbands. He called her a black widow. My father also confessed that he had assisted grandma in her killing in that he put the poison into the food and my grandmother knowingly fed it to her victims. My father explicitly confessed to this in regard to my grandfather Stanley Grabowski. My father said that he didn’t have it in him to turn his own mother into the authorities though so instead he remained silent and in doing so has completely controlled and destroyed my life. As a result, I have no choice but to tell what I know including that my father alleged to me that he was a serial killer and that he helped kill family members for life insurance. The sad part is, it’s not just other family members my father and grandmother tried to get rid of it’s me too.

There were a lot of conversations had between me and my father David Boettcher. These conversations started at a young age and they included his confessions of what he had done, what my grandmother had done and some even showed his fear for my safety.

Once when I was about 9 or 10 years old, my dad came home and said to me “I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Your safe and you’re always going to be safe.”  he was drunk and the said he had talked to some guys at the bar today and they said I was going to be just fine.  I looked at him like he was crazy and I remember thinking that he was. He then went on to tell me that people were watching over me to keep me safe. He also spoke of my twin that day as a result I blocked most of the conversation out. My dad had a way of talking at you not to you.

In other words you had no clue where what he said was really coming from.  I had no idea why he thought I was in any type of danger. He went on to say that the people who were watching over me were the “hands that built america”. He told me at the time that I didn’t need to know all that. All that I needed to know was that I was safe.

I remember getting the impression that my dad didn’t think I was all that safe around my grandmother. I did not know why he felt this way but he told me once while we were working in the garage that he didn’t trust grandma and that I should be careful around her. Again, I had no idea why he said what he did and I remember feeling uncomfortable about what he said.

“Follow Your Dreams”

Another time, I was much older an adult in my 20’s. I had left Tony for abusing me and I had taken the girls and went to my grandmother’s house. It didn’t last long only a few days but during those few days my dad and I talked. One of the things he told me was that I was smarter than I thought I was and that was why I had so many problems with people. He explained that my IQ had been tested and that I wasn’t pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes acting like I couldn’t do things. He also said that I should of been a lawyer or a doctor but, If I truly believed that I was made to be an artist he couldn’t blame me for wanting that. He went on to say that lawyers are vultures. He also talked about politics and said I could of gone into politics but most of them are liars and I suck at lieing.  I thought my father was nuts when he said these things to me. I just thought the conversation topic was a bit odd.

“I’m going to Fix You”

Once he said he was going to fix me when I was older.

“Taking Candy from a Baby”

Another time he said that someday I was going to show all those people who have been giving me a hard time and treating me like I was stupid that they were the stupid ones. He said “mark my words you will make what your going to do seem so simple, it will be like taking candy from a baby.” (Have you ever actually tried to take candy from a baby? It’s not that easy of a task”.)

“Put Your Trust in Me”

My father also told me “If there is ever a time in your life when you feel like you cannot trust anyone on this planet you trust me. I am your father and I am god.” “See right there on the back of a dollar bill, in god you trust. I am god you trust me.” I remember he was really animated that day shaking his head and pointing at himself. I remember laughing at him and thinking he was nuts calling himself god. But it stuck in my memory.


Then there was Summit, I don’t talk about it much but it is stuck in my mind. When I was young, I can’t tell you how old I was at the time but I was young. I nearly fell out of my dad’s car the Dotson while it was moving. We were over by the big hill in Summit and the door flew open. I wasn’t wearing a seat belt.  My dad grabbed my arm and held it so tight while telling me to “hang on” “don’t be scared ” “I’m not going to let you fall.”  He held on to me with all his might. I got the car door shut and locked and I locked the door every time I got into the car after that.

Living a lie – What comes around goes around:

I realized after these past few years of memory searching that my dad had said he had done some pretty terrible things. But I also realized some other things as well including that Cathy made me live a lie with Tony and Ed and my father made Cathy live a lie with him.

1991-92 Palos Park Il.

I remember the conversation that was had between my dad and I when we lived in Palos Park Il. We were in the truck and my father told me that he believed Cathy had not accidentally poisoned him but that he believed it was purposeful. He also went on to say that someday I would be the one to put Cathy in jail for what she had done to me and to him. I didn’t know what to say at the time and again looked at him like he was crazy but he’s not.

Temptation & God Smacked. 

One of these memories in particular is of my father cleaning his gun and asking me if I wanted to touch it. “Go ahead touch it, I said it was okay”. “Go ahead touch it”, you know you want to.” then if I reached my hand out, he would smack it.

It was upon reflecting on this memory that I realized that my father had done exactly that to my ex-husbands and to Cathy. He led them to believe that I wouldn’t do anything. That I couldn’t do anything. That I didn’t know anything. Then my girls were taken and it was found out that I knew more than he had let on and they have been God Smacked.  He tempted them to hurt me, and they did but he sat there acting like he was on their side the entire time knowing that I was going to do what I have to do to obtain justice.

My dad basically set my family and people up to be caught for their crimes.  He made them believe they would never be caught and that nothing would ever happen to them for what they did. He did this knowing he had taught me the law, had taught me the procedures to follow and had given me a map so that I could navigate the situation and get my daughters back.

XX Double Crossed XX

Basically, he has double crossed everyone.

Reoccurring Psychogenic Amnesia Caused by My Father & Trauma

The situation is surreal, between serial killers, nearly being kidnapped, multiple real attempts on my life, being falsely arrested, having my girls taken, the way the courts are, and then having me locked up in retaliation for filing a Federal Lawsuit the situation is literally surreal.

However, it may be a surreal situation but I am armed with the US Constitution and enough legal knowledge to file the Supreme Court Case myself.  I know better than to fall for my father’s “temptations” I have already been “God Smacked” enough by him.

I am mainly writing this post because I need my daughters to understand what was wrong with their mother that she could not remember things that they were attempting to help her recollect. In the weeks prior to the girls being taken we spent every second together and that time was invaluable. Since there was no computer, no tv, no distractions we were focused on each other and our bond became stronger than ever. My children were trying to help me recover memories that I had suppressed due to traumatic events that happened in my life. For most people it takes something major to cause psychogenic Amnesia like maybe they were raped or in a serious car accident.

Basically, the minds way of protecting itself is by shelving the memories. What happens is I become shocked or upset and my mind does not know what to do with the information I was given. So, I forget about it and go about my life. Years later the information was then jogged mostly by the bad things that were told to me years prior by my father were actually being done to me on a continual basis.

In order for me to be able to navigate the situation with my daughters being taken I had to recover a lot of shelved memories and conversations that I had with my father. In many cases almost all cases I would say the memory was not jogged lose until after the events occurred and I was sitting there holding my head thinking not again. My father did not do this to me again. I was wrong on that account, in fact I was wrong when I thought my father was my hero for tipping me off and saving my life. He didn’t save my life, he ruined it.

It took a lot of hard work to recover the memories that I needed to move forward with the cases. I was aware the entire time that what was being done to me was completely against the law. The ignoring of the law was so great that at times I could not believe the simplicity of this and that this was happening to me.

The fact is my father set this up. He set me up to be poisoned by Ed, he put him up to it, he set me up to be locked up in the psych-ward to discredit me and my real reports to the police that I was being poisoned. He set up me having my girls taken from me, and he set up me going to jail. He set everything in my life up manipulating and controlling my behavior one way or another. It has always been this way and it always will be this way unless I do the right thing and turn him in for his crimes against me, my daughters, and possibly other’s that he confessed to murdering.

He used psych-genic amnesia to purposefully traumatize me and then had people do the horrible things that he said on the phone to upset me condition me and bombard me on a daily basis until I began to remember. He knew I had the condition and then purposefully used it to his advantage then began to abuse me daily to get me to remember what I needed to remember. My father did this using his friendships with people who were willing to help him.

Recovering the lost memories has been a long hard road. Along with the memories I had to deal with the feelings that come attached with them. Those feelings are more than likely the reason the memory was shelved in the first place. For that reason I would begin to remember bits and pieces and would be waiting for the rest of it to come back to me over the course of a week or so. It was grueling and I spent alot of my time in disbelief that my life was turning out exactly as my father depicted to me during those telephone calls. Additionally, it really upset me to realize that my father had done this to me in an effort to push me to handle his predetermined agenda for him. I never agreed to tell my life story nor did I ever have a desire to. I find it embarrassing and humiliating. But at this point this is the only chance I have to set the record straight about who I am, and hopefully help others find bravery and strength in themselves to fight back when they have been wronged by the system.

The problem is this has been used as a tool to harm me and to prevent me from telling or retelling the things that were said to me. My father purposefully did it to me so that I would get a grasp on it and an understanding of this so that I can try and prevent it from being done to me in the future. He also did it to prove a point to some people who did not seem to want to believe that it is a real condition and that I suffer from it and am not just acting as if I don’t remember. I really don’t have a clue until the memory starts to come back usually brought on by a trigger of some sort.

Gas lighting The Poisoning of Me Munchhausen By Proxy

This was taken from the text of the lawsuit itself.

In 2009 Ms. Covington and Mr. Malik had purchased a second home in Lake Station for Ms. Covington’s father David Boettcher and step mother Cathy Boettcher & stepbrother Robert Butterfield to live in.

Ms. Covington had noticed that Mr. Malik had spent a great deal of time at the home in which her father David Boettcher lived with his wife Cathy Boettcher, and stepson Robert Butterfield.

One day while suffering from a severe kidney infection, Ms. Covington had accidentally called her father’s cell phone. Because of the kidney infection Ms. Covington’s hands and feet were cramping and twisting while she was in the car and she inadvertently purse dialed her father’s cellphone. Her father answered his phone and heard her screams.

Mr. Boettcher had his son Robert call the police and they both got into the car drove to Ms. Covington’s house.

Ms. Covington and Mr. Malik were not at the residence they were on their way home from the store.

Ms. Covington’s brother Robert Butterfield kicked in the back door to check on Ms. Covington out of fear that Mr. Malik may have hurt Ms. Covington.

When Ms. Covington and Mr. Malik pulled up to the house she saw the officers, and the street lit up from police lights. Ms. Covington immediately became extremely embarrassed.

Ms. Covington knew it was out of character for her father to call the police, as he usually would handle something like this on his own by checking himself.

After they saw that Ms. Covington was ok, police left Mr. Boettcher stayed and visited with his daughter awhile.

Mr. Boettcher then began calling Ms. Covington daily and spending hours talking to her on the phone.

One day, Mr. Boettcher called Ms. Covington, he asked Ms. Covington to write down two dates. June 9th and 10th of 2012. Ms. Covington was confused as to why he was giving her dates two years in advance. But she did as he asked and made a text file with the dates in them.

Mr. Boettcher went on to say that Mr. Malik had come to his home with a friend, and that Mr. Malik had planned to poison and murder Ms. Covington for life insurance money.

Mr. Malik further asked Mr. Boettcher if he would not question Ms. Covington’s death for a large cut of the insurance money.

Mr. Boettcher went on to say that Mr. Malik had planned to murder Ms. Covington on those dates, and that if by chance she was to figure out what he was planning to do he had a plan to place her in the mental ward.

Mr. Boettcher told Ms. Covington that if she were to figure out that she had been poisoned he had mapped out what actions she would take so that he was a step ahead of her. He had everything planned.

Mr. Boettcher further explained that Mr. Malik had intentions of raping Ms. Covington’s oldest daughter MMM, then impregnating her, and forcing her to have an abortion further manipulating her into helping him by lying to her and blaming Ms. Covington for not protecting her from him as well.

Mr. Boettcher stated that she had inadvertently married into the mob and that Mr. Malik had been hiding this information from her throughout their life together.

Mr. Boettcher stated that Mr. Malik did not really love Ms. Covington, and that a man who truly loved her would not intentionally harm his wife.

Mr. Boettcher stated that Mr.Malik had several life insurance policy’s taken out on her life and that he intended to cash in on those policy’s gaining millions in monetary value, the children, and the residence.

Mr. Boettcher alleged that Mr. Malik had sexually assulted and impregnated Ms. Covingtons eldest daughter Madalynn and then forced her to abort.

Mr. Boettcher further claimed that Mr. Malik had been telling MMM that it was all Ms. Covington’s fault, and further hurting MMM and manipulating her by telling her that Ms. Covington never wanted her, did not love her, and wanted to abort her. ALL of which were complete and total lies and could not be farther from the truth.

Mr. Boettcher stated that Mr. Malik was also going to force MMM to help him poison Ms. Covington, and then he was then going to blame the entire thing on MMM, making her the scapegoat because she was underage and would not get any trouble and if she did it would be minimal.

Mr. Boettcher then stated that Mr. Malik had millions of dollars in life insurance policies taken out against Ms. Covington’s life and that he had full intention on collecting on those policies.

Mr. Boettcher further explained to Ms. Covington how to tell she had been poisoned, and what different poisons may feel like and what to do if she thought she had been poisoned.

Mr. Boettcher said not to drink out of water bottles, that Mr. Malik had told him he was going to pull back the label inject poison into them and then reseal them.

Mr. Boettcher went on to tell Ms. Covington to drink plenty of water from the faucet only.

Mr. Boettcher warned about her toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, perfume, laundry, lotion and anything that Mr. Malik could possibly put poison into that could be absorbed into the skin or ingested by her.

Mr. Boettcher told Ms. Covington to contact the police after the dates passed, and make sure she reported it. He also told Ms. Covington if she were to get through it to change her name.

Mr. Boettcher also went on to tell her that Mr. Malik did not truly love her and that he had wanted out of the marriage but that he was only there because of the children and family and that this way Mr. Malik would not have to pay child support, nor give up the house because it was in the plaintiff’s name, and he could make money off her death as well.

The way that Mr. Boettcher explained it, is if a person is isolated like Ms. Covington was, where she was inside the home all the time tending to the children and ill. That she does not have a large circle of people who would miss her if she were to die.

Further, to ensure that her family will not tell or question the death of a young family member each family member would get a cut of the money, that way they are then involved and won’t speak to authority’s out of fear of getting into trouble themselves. Mr. Boettcher further stated that without questioning by the family Ms. Covington’s death would go unquestioned.

Mr. Boettcher was very upset when he said these things, and he spoke in a very matter of fact tone, he sounded very distressed and serious but at the time Ms. Covington was very defensive and did not believe a word her father was saying. She thought that he was making it up to cause a fight between Mr. Malik and Ms. Covington and ruin her  marriage.

Ms. Covington was further upset when her father told her that he could not talk to her any longer because he stated he didn’t want to be implicated in anything. Feeling as though she was being abandoned by him for no real reason.

Mr. Boettcher told her not to shoot the messenger, and was repeatedly yelling “I am your father, listen to your father” she could hear her stepmother in the background yelling “The Mob Ann”. They both stated this repeatedly. He sounded upset, and scared.

Mr. Boettcher stated that he did not think that contacting the police would do her any good and he felt that they were friends with Mr.Malik and may have been “in on it”. Mr.Boettcher told her to contact the authorities but to attempt to get the State Police, or the Sheriff, but he felt that going to any of the local departments would be unsafe and he didn’t think it would do any good because he said that while Mr.Malik had been out taping fires he had been out making friends everywhere.

He told her to try and find a cop that she felt like she could trust and tell him but to make sure she reports it if it happened.

Plaintiff found and trusted Detective Brian Williams and has since learned that was a huge mistake.

After Mr. Boettcher told her all this he then said that he could not speak to her any more. And that he had to cut off communication with her because he could not take a chance with his family’s lives, and that he was afraid for her and for his family as well.

Mr. Boettcher told Ms. Covington that she had gotten herself into this mess by marrying Mr. Malik and to get herself out of it. Mr. Boettcher further stated that he had given her all the information she needed to survive.

Mr. Boettcher told Ms. Covington that if she were to make it through she should change her name.

After that conversation, Ms. Covington became extremely angry with her father because of the things he said, she asked him why he did not call the police, and tell them. Mr. Boettcher replied he did not trust the police because Mr. Malik is friends with them. He said “They are all his friends, what are they going to do?” And “How do you know which ones are his friends and which aren’t?” Ms. Covington was further upset because he stated he could no longer speak to her, because he did not want to be implicated in anything. She felt as though her father was abandoning her because of Mr. Malik.

Mr. Boettcher stated that Mr. Malik was going to make the situation so unbelievable that no one would want to believe her and that was the point. Mr. Boettcher told her that this sounds so far out there, and is so far out of the norm, that it would be extremely difficult to get people to listen to the truth. Mr. Boettcher stated that was Mr. Malik’s point of making the situation so unbelievable, so no one would believe it if Ms. Covington tried to tell anyone.

My Take on this:

In 2009 I purchased another home in my name located in Lake Station on Service Street. I purchased the house for my father and stepmother and brother to live in. My father took the rent money from my brother Robert Butterfield and then did not pass the rent on to me essentially stealing from me and the girls. I eventually had to put the house up for sale due to non-payment. My father became infuriated and he called me and told me that my ex-husband was planning to murder me for life insurance proceeds. He gave me two specific dates that were nearly two years into the future. He said that Ed was poisoning me and that he had been cheating on me with Annie Thompson. He also informed me that my ex-husband was in the mob and that he was basically living a double life that I knew nothing about.

This all sounded insane to me and none of it made any sense, I didn’t believe my father until the hypodermic needle incident in 2010. However, because of the fear factor that came with the Hypodermic needle incident I suppressed that memory for over a year. The days leading up to those two dates in question and only after finding the rat poison and being so unbelievably ill.  I believed. I informed my doctors and I tried to go to the police like my dad told me to do. I also survived because I followed his instructions on what to look for, what to expect, and what to do if I believed I had been poisoned.

I had been ill for quite some time and suffered many bouts of bronchitis and pain throughout my body. I also suffered from frequent stomach problems which my father made up excuses for my sickness even though he was well aware of what was being done to me by Edward Malik. My father claimed that my stomach and health problems rooted from poor eating habits, or lack of eating enough, smoking, drinking to much Diet Coke.

In addition, David Boettcher also stated that perhaps I suffered from unknown food allergies and asked if I was checking the dates on the food before I was eating it. David Boettcher was also aware that I suffered from Systemic Lupus but he did not inform me of that fact, instead he informed me that I should simply ignore the pain, and push through the pain essentially stamping not valid on my very real complaints and blaming my sickness on my diet, soda, and smoking.  In other words my father was well aware what was wrong with me and why I was sick he just didn’t bother to tell me instead he attempted to blame my health issues on everything else under the sun other then what it was.

David Boettcher had also attempted to blame the city’s drinking water and or poor dish washing by the children. In essence David Boettcher discounted that I was in fact ill and attempted to explain away my ailments and frequent bathroom problems even though he was well aware that I was being poisoned by Edward Malik for life insurance proceeds. The reason he was aware was because he had not only instructed Edward Malik to carry out the poisoning of me but he had also given him the ultimatum of kill or be killed and offered him double the life insurance proceeds for doing so by 3 a.m. the June 10, 2012 date.

I had noticed that Edward Malik had spent a great deal of time at the second home in which my father David Boettcher lived with his wife Cathy Boettcher, and Robert Butterfield. It was during this time that I believe my father and Cathy were manipulating Edward Malik, lying to him and telling him their version of the way things “should be”. They filled his head up with false claims stating that I must still be in love with my first ex-husband subconsciously because I enjoyed eating Mexican food.

During the summer of 2009 I purchased a residence for David Boettcher, his wife Cathy Boettcher and my step brother Robert Butterfield. He then began calling I daily and spending hours talking to my on the phone. During those calls David Boettcher went over the laws and legal scenario’s and the procedures to follow in the event that she should ever need to file court cases. My father eluded to the children being taken from me and what she should do if and when that ever happened. However, David Boettcher did not inform me exactly why I would need this information or that it was a pre-planned event that was going to occur, he did not even offer a reason as to why he was informing me even when I asked him. He did elude to other sets of circumstances in which she should use the law to obtain justice for different issues such as Alyssa Malik’s speech issues that were being ignored by the Lake Station School District. David Boettcher was insistent about use of the law and referred to the law as my “best friend” but was not ever clear or concise as to exactly why I would have needed all of this information.

Many of the times that I spoke to my father I hung up the telephone thinking he was taking drugs, lying, meddling, or just pulling my leg. I never in a million years thought that my father would set me up to have my children taken from me illegally and given to a man who my father knows tried to take my life and risked the children’s lives in doing so.

Alleging Rape

My father David Boettcher has called me on several occasions and during those telephone conversations he repeatedly informed me that Ed had raped MMM and because of her statements and what I saw I believed it. Until I found out about gas-lighting. I then realized that these adults have been pre-planning doing horrible and horrendous things to me and my daughters and then using gas-lighting to make me second guess myself, question what I saw, heard and lived through and to get away with their crimes.

I do not know if my child was raped, I very definitely hope she was not and that this was some type of psychological warfare invented and implemented by my father, Cathy, Tony and Ed.  In any case, it is my responsibility to request that it be investigated and I informed the courts and I was ignored. It is also my responsibility to my daughter to fight for justice for her if she was raped. The same would go for any of my daughters. I will represent them and keep them protected as much as humanly possible.

More Gaslighting

My Entire Life has Been Pre-Planned & Set Up

During the past three and a half years I have done a lot of healing and coming to understand what has been done to me. It has been a long journey and it has been horrifically physically and emotionally painful. Over this period of healing, I began to access memories of my childhood and talks I had with my dad in my teens and adult years.

I began to realize that basically, other than my children pretty much my entire life has been a set up. From me becoming an artist, to the type of education I received and who delivered that education. To what man I married, and then what man I was passed off to. It’s all be a series of manipulations, abuses, gas lighting, lieing, and strategy to force me into a position in which I would be forced to file the Supreme Court case to fulfill other people’s “agenda’s”. When I say other peoples I really mean “my father’s”.

What I mean by this is I remember a conversation with my father years ago. He was infuriated that Indiana stopped teaching the Constitution in the schools and no longer made it a requirement that each student know and pass the constitution test in order to graduate.  I remember he said “hmm…we’ll just see about that, someday that’s going to bite them in the ass”. He went on to say that every American citizen must know their rights in order to know when their rights have been denied or violated. If people do know and protect their rights, we will eventually lose those rights and that is no legacy to leave for future generations.

What I am saying is, I do not know how but my father has set me up to follow a series of events that led me to now. What has been done to me is not natural fate, it’s artificial. I was not just set-up I was groomed, throughout my life I was taught the law and other important things I would need to know in order to navigate the situation for this reason. It has taken an ungodly number of people who have touched my life in one way or another and years of learning and listening in addition to handling life events to get me to the point I am at right now.

Indiana’s failure to Require the Constitution Test as A Requirement for Graduation Infuriated him.

Basically, my father saw Indiana’s not teaching the Constitution in schools and not making it a requirement that they pass a test on the Constitution and have to pass it in order to graduate as an opportunity to teach them a lesson in civics.

The reason it made him so angry is because citizens can not uphold the Constitution unless they know what it is. If people don’t know their rights they will think they do not have any and due to abuse and power eventually the United States will become like Natzi Germany.

The only way that can be done is by “Creating a Lawsuit”. In creating that lawsuit you also “create an attorney” which I had learned was supposed to be me.

In other words, he manipulated people into helping him and as a result I have been used, abused, jailed, tortured, kept in isolation for far too long, abandoned, and alienated.

When I was growing up my father instilled things into me. He purposefully taught me certain things, some of these things he taught me by discussion other things he used symbolism and others were life events that he himself caused or did to me in order to teach me a life lesson. The reality is my father set out to build a power house and he succeeded. I did not see it before, I really didn’t but through my journey of healing I saw it and it is a wonderful feeling.

I am a Powerhouse

When I say he built a power house what I mean is, I have the legal skills necessary to handle the situation. I was taught the law and how to apply it. I was taught the constitution and scenarios were given to me and gone over so that I could do this job. I have the art, media, and design skills to handle marketing. I have the direct mail and direct response skills needed to do sales if I had to, I have the web and tech skills needed to handle the server administration. I have the SEO skills needed for search engine rankings and I have the other skills I would need to run any kind of business. I was taught these things in some of the oddest of ways but the reality is, I am a power house.

I have a thorough understanding of various facets of law from family law, to criminal, contract law, business law, civil torts, and of course the constitution.  Most importantly, I was taught how to find the resources or answers to questions if needed if I don’t know the answer.

I was made to do presentations and speeches most of which I did impromptu all throughout College, skills needed to handle this situation.

What I am saying is, my father planned to have my children taken from me over 20 years ago, and me put in jail and have to fight it out to the Supreme Court. Then he proceeded to groom me for the task. Manipulate others into doing the wrong thing and then telling me what they were up to so that I would catch them at it and turn them in.  He also somehow proceeded to put things into motion with the help of Cathy, Robert, Ed, Tony that he was able to “artificially make” things happen to me.


Let’s take the poisoning of me.

One example of this is the June 2012 Poisoning of me and Unlawful Seizure of me and placement in North-Lake for 72 hr Observation for reporting that I believed that I was being Poisoned because I was poisoned. However, my father had informed me prior that if I were to figure out that I was being poisoned that was what the plan B that Lesley and Ed had pre-planned to do with me. When it happened, I was confused, angry, and mostly betrayed. I went to file a divorce right away but then Ed strangulated me and I became too scared to not stay with him. I was afraid I would lose my daughters just like I have.

My dad calls and tells me a story that I am going to be poisoned by Ed for life insurance and that to sweeten the pot my father offered to double the life insurance payout if Ed produced a death certificate by 3:00 am on June 10th 2012. He tells me that Ed is having an affair with Annie, and that she is going to purposefully become pregnant to push him into poisoning me and following through.

Everything my dad said was going to happen, DID and it DID because he and Ed, and Lesley, and Cathy and whoever else they got involved made it happen.

While my father was living on Service Street, I was already sick.

I become deathly ill, constantly running to the bathroom going to the doctors, undergoing testing to figure out what is wrong and not getting better.

My cat Monkeyface dies, and when she does Ed is crying “I killed her, I can’t believe I killed her.”

I find a bucket of poison in the basement and I question Ed about it, the bucket vanishes from the basement. Then he tried to tell me there was never a bucket of poison in the basement in the first place. However, Alyssa also saw the bucket and also saw that it was missing and she stated such.

The week of June 10th 2012 comes and I become very Ill after Ed’s mom’s visit the weekend before. During the week I also become sick and it gets continually worse. I believe I am being poisoned, I become scared and feel stuck.

I eventually end up going to the police in Worth. My ex-sister in law who is a psychologist had participated in the Gas Lighting of me and who assisted my ex-husband in nearly getting away with my murder. Told the police I was unstable so I was placed in the Psychiatric ward of North Lake Hospital for 4 days. I was released after the “observation” timeline un-diagnosed. Exactly like my father had told me it was going to happen.

I Informed Police

I then informed local police who also did not want to believe even though they were shown hard evidence they refused to investigate or take my reports seriously.

A BLOCK of Memory

Here is the part I want to explain to you; I had thought back to when my dog Shadow was a puppy and she had accidentally eaton a half of block of mouse poison. Ed and I freaked out and called poison control, while on the phone they told Ed it would take approximately 60 blocks of poison to kill the dog because of her weight.

I believe Ed used this information to his advantage. I believe I was poisoned but I believe it was being done to me to make me sick, dependent, needy, and so he could exert power and control over me and as part of gas-lighting. It was hateful, sinister, and pure evil. Similar to Munchausen Bi-Proxy, as long as I was sick I was tied to him. I couldn’t get a job, couldn’t run a business, and I needed him.

The Poison was purchased by Ed

I found a bucket of dusting powder poison in my basement. I was with Ed when he purchased approximately 30 packets of poison from Meijer that he claimed were for the garage that has a huge hole in the garage that he did not repair. Why put poison in the garage but not fix the garage door so it closes all the way? Because the poison wasn’t for the garage that is why.

Furthermore, I gave this a great deal of thought and honestly, I don’t care what was being given to me. I don’t care if it was eye-drops, ex-lax, poison. The fact is I was so unbelievably sick it was not funny. I was wasting, I was weak, and on more than one occasion I thought I was going to die.


The other issue is my father had claimed that Ed had not only killed Shadow by pushing her down the stairs to the basement but he had also been using her as a test subject to figure out how much poison he could get away with giving me to make me as sick as possible. In other words, my father claimed that the source of at least some of Shadow’s three-hour long seizures were the result of Ed poisoning the dog and not a result of epilepsy. My father felt that the longer I stayed sick I was at his mercy. I was also blind to everything going on around me because I was so caught up in being sick and at one point, I was bedridden. He went on to say that he believed that Ed had a form of Munchhausen Bi-proxy.


I think Ed had a case of he wanted the money, to be with Annie, and have the kids, and the house and he just hated me and wanted me dead and nearly succeeded.  Ed didn’t want to pay child support, so he figured out a way where he didn’t have to.

Gas-lighting to cover up their crimes

What I am saying is, I am dealing with a group of people who have been constantly and continually gas-lighting me my entire life. They have lied to people about me so that no one would believe me because the things that they have done are literally that crazy sounding. The reality is unless I can get someone to do something about the situation my life will never be my own, and it will always be a disaster.

The only way I know to fix the situation is to address the issues and try and get people to understand that these things happened as crazy as they sound .part of why it sounds so crazy is because they purposefully set out to make it crazy sounding so no one would believe a word I said.

Then further defame my character (which is part of gas-lighting) by locking me up in psych wards and telling officials that I all of a sudden at age 42 suffer from psychosis or skizoeffective disorder which is completely untrue. But has been said in an effort to shut me up and to keep those who have committed crimes and are doing the gas-lighting from being prosecuted for their crimes.

No one wants to go to jail. Not for any reason, not for any cause.

The way that I know this is in my father’s word’s “Ain’t no man want to go to jail, not for any reason, not for any cause”. Two thing no man wants to do one is die, the other is go to jail.

What I am trying to convey to you is my father is a criminal, my stepmother, and two ex-husbands have helped them and, in an effort, to get away with their crimes and exert power and control over me and stifle me so that I will always be their victim they have lied and those lies and rumors are atrocious and are a part of gas-lighting.

From what I understand before I was born my father was in a Chicago Greeser Gang called the KINGS. He also allegedly assisted my grandmother in poisoning family members for life insurance. This has been told to me many times. Essentially, what I am telling you is my father has told me multiple times that he is a serial killer and that he and my grandmother had conspired to kill and killed family members for life insurance proceeds.

I was told that my grandmother had also targeted me for the same. My father was not in agreement and told my grandmother if anything happened to me, he would put her in jail. She tried to convince him that I was handicapped and that I would be a burden on him his whole life.

My father had thought by putting his foot down and telling my grandmother no, that had put an end to the problem.

Enlisting Anthony Victors to help

Later, he learned that my grandmother had in fact poisoned my oatmeal. He also found out that she had apparently reached out to other people to ask them for assistance. Most people she just asked if they would not question my death in exchange for some of the Insurance Money.  One of the people she reached out to was Wesley Victor’s my ex-husband Anthony Victors father. I also believe she reached out to Anthony himself as well.

Reaching out to others for help like my stepmother Cathy Smith

Wes Victors told my grandmother that on no uncertain terms he would not help her and that he would see to it she spent the rest of her life in jail if she touched one hair on my head. She also reached out to my stepmother Cathy Portencaso, Schade, Butterfield, Smith,  Boettcher.

My father said my grandmother had offered Cathy some of the money from any life insurance proceeds. My father claimed that Cathy had been with him for the sole purpose of getting to me and causing me harm. My grandmother similar to Ed and Tony acted like she hated Cathy unless she had a use for her which is how my grandmother was.

Reaching out to Wes Victors

Wes Victors died in 2004, and his wife Barbra died 11 months later in 2005. I was very close to them and attribute much of who I am to Barbra. One of the things my father has said to me repeatedly is that Wes Victors is not dead and that his body is not in the grave where it belongs. My father claimed Wes faked his death. I was there when Wes Victors was buried and saw him in the casket and then placed into the ground.

Jane Doe, Attempted Sexual Assault & Psychogenic Amnesia

As for Wes, during one of my phone calls with my dad he reminded me that I had found a dead body in the basement of the apartment building where we lived in Palos Hills Il. I was sixteen years old.  When I found the body for whatever reason I turned around walked back up the stairs and called Barbra and Wes to come to my house and pick me up. My father was not home at the time.

Wes and Barb picked me up and brought me back to their house. Tony was not there he was at soccer practice. Mom was in the kitchen and she and I were talking I was pretty freaked out. I went down to the laundry room in Tony’s house and Wes was in there and he had his pants open and tried to grab at me. I screamed and Barbra walked into the Laundry room and yelled at him to take his hands off of me. I ran into the downstairs bathroom and refused to come out unless it was my dad. Barbra called my dad and had him pick me up. When he did he was driving my grandmothers car. I asked him where his truck was and he said he had left it at grandma’s. I told him what happened and he told me that sometimes these things happen and to try and just forget that the entire night ever happened. He told me to go home and go to bed and close my eyes and just forget about it.

That’s exactly what happened. 

The next day I had some memory of the events of the day before. I almost said something to Tony about it but I couldn’t bring myself to say what needed to be said. It was like I couldn’t utter the words. I never told him, I couldn’t tell him because I had blocked it out with psychogenic amnesia and my father seems to have that effect on me. I let go of the memories the same way you shake a nightmare.

Because I had blocked it out and nothing was ever said everyone went on as if nothing ever happened. It was as though the entire night never occurred. I had no memory of finding any body, nor did I have any memory of Wes trying to do anything with me. Since I had no memory, I ended up looking up to Wes and valuing him as a person in my life like a mentor or second father figure because my father was always sleeping and didn’t want to talk, he just wanted to yell. Wes taught me much of the business I know, he taught me most of my vocabulary. I viewed him as very successful, intelligent and I looked up to the man. Until, the memory came back of what he had done.

During the phone call in which my father reminded me of finding the dead body and the other events of the night he informed me that the reason he didn’t have the truck was because it was at grandma’s house with the dead body in it that I had found in the basement. He stated that later that night after I went to bed, he took the body to the Cal Sag and tossed it in.

I do not know if he was gas-lighting, or being honest but I found the body ad saw the scissors.

As far as the poisoning of me goes, only the persons who were doing the poisoning know what their true intentions were. However, it is a perfect example of how my father and his co-horts keep setting up these situations, and setting me up at the same time and then causing these things to happen to force me into positions in which I have to file lawsuits and air my entire life story out to the world just to obtain justice because my father thought it was a bad idea that the schools in Indiana stopped teaching the Constitution 30+ years ago and he saw them as a sitting duck for a lawsuit. Since I have been ignored and my children have been taken illegally from me and authorities did not listen, I have no choice but to take this situation to the top. The Supreme Court.

 Warned My Children Were Going to Be Taken

The thing is while all this was going on and while I had been forewarned again by my father, I didn’t remember any of what was said on the phone with him until after the events took place and I had that weird dejavu feeling. The memories of the telephone calls came back in bits and pieces and sometimes out of order so that took additional time and caused me to make mistakes that I would not of made had I remembered sooner.  I didn’t have much if any control over that so there isn’t much I can do about it now except accept my mistakes for what they were and move on with my life.

Some of the things he called me and said was that they were going to take my girls from me and that I was going to have to fight all the way to the Supreme Court to get them back. “I taught you all I know and that should be more than enough to do what you gotta get done”, “I have full faith and confidence in you,” he said “You know everything you need to know because I made sure you knew it”. “It’s all locked up their in that pretty little head of yours”. “It might take some time to get it all out but it’s in there, I know it’s in there because I plugged it all in there”. “They’re taking your kids and your going to take them to court and your going to kick their asses in court.”

Is what my father said to me. I remember becoming extremely upset and I don’t remember much else. I get the gist of what has happened and what to do to fix the situation which is to write the blog and file the lawsuit at the Supreme Court level. Before I do that though you should probably understand that I am not simply not satisfied and “Jumping” to the Supreme Court. The problem is the Justices at the Hammond Federal Court have all made huge errors and have been added to the defendant list which means at this point the only place left to go is to the Supreme Court. Plus in addition to that I have been retaliated against and jailed for six months after I filed that lawsuit and as a result I feel threatened and intimidated for moving forward but I have no alternative choices.

My father was referring to the law, and procedures to follow should and if I ever found myself in a position where I had to fight for my freedom or fight to get my kids back from the Government.  My father had studied the law, and he then began to teach it to me in little bits and pieces,  he tied information into other things such as in to TV shows we were watching or he would just strike up a conversation and give me a scenario and we would discuss it. A lot of times we went over the constitutionality of laws that have been erected that were unconstitutional and I often was given a history lesson or two about our soldiers and how they died in battle and went to war without weapons or clothes or boots to fight for our freedom.

When I step back I realize my father has set me up but I realize that he started to work on me at an extremely young age and I am not sure why and honestly, I will never know why. What I do know is, I am 1000% in the right in my cases and hopefully Justice will Prevail and I can become proud to be American again.

My Father Calls and Warns I will be Jailed and Sent to Logan Sport in Retaliation for Federal Lawsuits Filed.

Tell’s me to go Supreme.


After I filed the Federal Court Case in Hammond in January of 2017 my father called me out of the blue sky. He informed me that he thought I did an okay job on the first lawsuit and told me what to fix to make it better. I understood and agreed with what he was saying.  He wasn’t happy though with the part about the jail. He said there wasn’t enough information in there about the inhumane conditions of the jail.  He then to proceed to tell me that I had to go back and do it again and this time pay better attention to what I was seeing, and hearing going on.

He then proceeded to tell me about people I was going to meet at the jail as well as tell me their background. It was like he somehow set the entire thing up to mess with me majorly. He told me about guards at the jail and prisoners he even knew their background stories. He explained where I was going to be housed and who was going to be housed with me. He went on to tell me what to do to handle the situation accurately for when I got out of jail and I filed my Supreme Court lawsuit.  I wasn’t happy when he told me this and he told me other things as well including saying that Alyssa had been sexually assaulted by my ex and had a baby and that baby was taken from her.  I became extremely angry and hateful with my father and I believe I hung up on him. He also told me that Makayla had been abused while in foster care and that she had been hit in the back of the head with a brush.

He called me a second time and told me that he had more to say and informed me that while at the Jail I was going to be transported to Logan Sport State Hospital which is where they put people to find out if they are competent to stand trial or not. He said that this was all being done to me including charges being placed against me from Grundy County that had to be handled before I went to the Supreme Court. He said that the people at Logansport were going to hold me down against my will and without a medical consent to treat form and inject me with drugs which they did. He explained how our civil rights do not exist in a place like LoganSport and I hate to say it but he was right in what he said. While he had me on the phone, he told me about the patients and staff that I would meet there.

He then went on to tell me what it was going to be like at Grundy and gave me idea’s for how to navigate being released more than 80 miles away with no phone, no one to call, and no help.

Again, just about everything my father said was going to happen did happen exactly the way he said it would. What I am saying is, the entire situation that I am in, my being poisoned, my girls being taken, the continued abuse of me, the court cases, having to go to the Supreme Court. All of it was pre-planned, pre-conspired, and set-up so that I would file the lawsuit with the Supreme Court and have no choice but to. I have been being disrespected and abused constantly and treated like a slave.

I am infuriated that I have been forced to live without my daughters and damage has been done to our relationship which was rock solid because of my father his crimes, his agenda, and the crimes and agenda of others. I did not do anything to harm anyone to deserve to be treated the way that I have been. I go out of my way to be a good person and not hurt people yet I am surrounded by “energy vampires” that have been sucking the life out of me and my daughters for years and it needs to stop immediately.